Zumba Workout
Anti-Aging Designed?

Zumba Workout

Most dance workouts are tremendous high impact and intense. But, the Zumba workout, in particular the Gold Zumba Class is perfect for older people.

People at every age and at every walk of life should include exercise in their routine and make it a regular habit. For the ageing, exercise is excellent to help fight disease, strengthen bones and keep muscle flexibility.

Zumba which has hit the world by storm is has a specialist Gold program which is specifically designed to cater for the aging population. This class focuses on anatomical, physiological and psychological needs.  This program is scaled back for older people and it is beneficial on many different levels.

What is Zumba?

“Ditch the workout, join the party” is the Zumba motto. Zumba is essentially an aerobic Latin dance class which incorporates high energy music to ensure that it’s fun.

The music almost makes the class with the Latin American rhythms and includes tracks with a samba, salsa, mambo and tango feel.  The choreography will pull you in, and before  you know it, you will find yourself sashaying, clapping and moving to the music.  

Benefits of Zumba

A Zumba workout aims to be fun but it also keeps people moving. For older participants the Gold class focuses on helping agility, and maintains or improves a person’s motion and mobility. The exercises are designed to help posture which is beneficial for everyday activity and the class includes weight bearing exercises which are thought to help with the bones. 

Fitness Component

Adults can dance their way to getting into shape and of course improved health. Although Zumba Gold is designed for seniors, it is by no means easy. If intending to get into shape with this program you should expect to improve your fitness.

These Zumba classes are designed to have a cardio element which will help strengthen the cardiovascular system. However, each class has options to reduce or increase the intensity of any move. As most classes have a relaxed atmosphere, if any move becomes too much then people are encouraged to drop back and come back in on the next movement when they feel they’re ready.

To lose weight whether it’s for health reasons or to trim back the unwanted belly fat then incorporating Zumba workouts could be the very thing to help you create a lifelong habit. As classes are designed to be fun and friendly, you will enjoy going to the classes.

Also, the moves are designed to tone the abdomen and hips so you’ll find yourself feeling better about yourself. It’s perfect for all shapes and sizes, and by trialing one class you’ll have absolutely nothing to lose.


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