Zumba Fitness WorkoutIt’s a Zumba Party at the Gym

Zumba Fitness

Zumba fitness classes have now entered into over 110,000 locations around the world with more than 12 million people taking the class per week. You've bound to have heard about it.

It’s upbeat, it’s enthusiastic, it enhances cardio, it enhances endurance and it even helps people lose weight.

Exercise Craze That Isn't Intimidating

This is exercise in disguise with zumba fitness being a groovy dance routine which anyone can love. It is a dance workout but you don’t need a partner and it’s not competitive. The routines are designed for people to drop in and out of the moves at any point but it

can have you sweating and breathless as you move to a sexy salsa or flamenco. Classes generally last for an hour and participants get carried away with the different dances that the time passes and they haven’t even looked at their watches.

Who Can Go?

Zumba classes are aimed at any age group. Generally a class with start with a warm-up routine to a salsa track. A class will include lunges, clapping and shoulder shaking movements. For those interested in getting the most out of their workout, very often an instructor will show you how to check your heart rate to get the maximum out of the workout. 

For high calorie burning and push the fat burning then the heart rate should be into the 50-75 percent range. But, if it’s your first class or you are feeling a little bit intimidated by the moves then the instructor will always give the entire class (not just you) options to modify movements but to keep moving.

Why is Zumba Fun?

People love the class because they get caught up with the music, so it’s not a surprise that zumba has become a worldwide phenomenon.  The routines are choreographed to get people moving, burn calories and they’re packed with fun moves which removes the monotony out of a class.

If you go to a class there will be people all shapes and sizes. There is so much energy in a workout room and the workout doesn't feel like exercising – it feels like going out to a party, or a nightclub and shaking your booty.

 Zumba fitness dances are designed for both men and women. But, for females there are exercises specifically designed to tackle the abdomen and help rid that unwanted belly fat. It also helps the core and focuses on slimming down hips. 

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