Zumba Fitness WorkoutShould You Zumba?

The Zumba fitness workout is hot and one of the most popular dance aerobic workouts at the moment! It’s fun, it makes you move and after a sixty-minute class you think that only five minutes has passed. But, for those with limited time is this class going to give you the benefits and help you shed those unwanted pounds?

Zumba Benefits

The benefits of the zumba fitness workout include an intense dance routine (which is modified to suit any capability) which is an aerobic cardiovascular workout which promotes stamina and interval training. A usual class starts off with low impact warm up but it builds up to moderate and then climaxes with two high impacts dances to get your heart rate up!

Don’t under estimate how hard a dance class can be and if you put your heart into it, not only will you increase your fitness, your muscle tone but you will also sculpt your body. The moves focus on shaping the abdominals so to rid yourself of the unwanted belly fat – this is the class for you.

Does A Zumba Class Have What it Takes to...

                      ...Help YOU Burn Fat?

Many people who go to the gym or who go to classes don’t push themselves. There are two arguments by gym goers here. The first argument promotes the quantity of exercise, i.e. the more you do the more you will burn. So, very often you see people who do back to back classes. But, the second school of thought believes that doing two classes back to back isn’t worthwhile. 

This school of thought believes that people should focus on the quality of the exercise rather than the quantity. This means you should do less exercise, but doing it well and put effort into it – and then you’ll get the best results. For most people, if you are truly working out to your maximum potential you shouldn’t have the ability to do two classes in a row.

You should feel the workout in your muscles, your buttocks, your arms and your abdominals should all hurt the next day. The same goes for attending a Zumba fitness workout. Although, many fitness goers say this class isn't high impact enough it really depends on how much effort you put into your class. By the end of a class, whether it’s Zumba or another aerobic workout, you should be sweating and you should feel alive. If you’re not, you’re not working hard enough.  

The Calories

The official Zumba fitness workout website proclaims that you can lose between 500-1000 calories in a Zumba class. But, if you’re a regular at the gym you all know that often the instructor has a big role in pushing a class to the maximum. Why don’t you trial a class before you commit to a Zumba session.

Those instructors who want their classes to get the maximum weight loss benefits will often ask the class to check their heart rate. So, ask this question before you sign up. However, if you are debating what the best exercise is for your precious sixty minutes of workout time then if you’re looking at burning as many calories as possible, then running will more than likely burn more fat than Zumba.

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But, will you keep it up? Often, exercise and committing to exercise is about more than the calories. Exercise is often about keeping up a lifelong habit. Zumba will definitely get you moving and for people who don’t do any exercise at all it is a great way to have fun and start learning how to love exercise again.


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