Zumba Exercise -
Attack That Body Fat!

Zumba Exercise - Attack That Body Fat

Incorporating exercise into your life can be fun. Try Zumba exercise, Pilates or even yoga and you will notice a considerable difference in your fitness and your body shape.

If you are trying to lose weight you might find the monotony of the treadmill and the exercise bike boring. Rather than hating the gym, why not learn to love it. Gym classes are a fantastic way to meet people who are trying to get into shape. It’s also a great way to mix up your regular gym routine.

If you haven’t gone to a class before, don’t be intimidated by the skinny girl at the front (she’s probably been going since she was pubescent), just speak to the instructor before the class and say you’re new.

There are always easier moves, and let’s face it, exercising with a group often seems a little less painful. If you’re shy then take a spot at the back, but remember everyone has been in your shoes before.

Zumba Dance  

Zumba exercise is one of the most popular exercise classes taking the world by storm. Depending on the instructor and the routine it is designed for a person to burn up to 1000 calories (this is a lot)!!! The music is designed to be energetic and fun with salsa and Latin American tracks which carries people away. They often don’t even realize they've done an hour of dancing.


Pilate’s classes aren't designed to have the same party atmosphere as Zumba exercise but this class is worth it because you’ll see the toning results on your body!  The moves strengthen the core, abdominal, back and buttocks muscles.

Many health experts suggest that once a person develops core strength then fitness easily follows. Beginners should always consider trying a Pilates class but don’t be intimidated, the instructors will show you easier moves so you can slowly build your strength. 


These classes are unlike the fast moving likes of body attack or Zumba exercise classes. Yoga is more focused on the body, mind and spirit with an exercises component as well. Classes are targeted at helping people limber up, enhance their flexibility and develop body strength.

There are many different postures and poses which each targeted at specific areas of the body.  Beginners are always welcome to a yoga class, but after all of the stretching you will definitely feel like you have done something. It is the perfect class for a full body and mind experience.

One of the biggest benefits of an exercise class is that it’s very difficult to just walk away if you've had enough. Once you get into the class, you've committed to a decent workout which will help you lose weight and dreaded belly fat.  Depending on your gym and the training of the instructors, very often they will push you because they know you want to see results.

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A class is like sharing a personal gym instructor for one hour. If you make friends in the class you’ll be that little step closer in creating a lifelong habit because for most of us, exercise is much more fun if you've got someone to enjoy it with. In a class you will realize that battling the bulge doesn't have to be alone. 

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