Zumba Dance
Dancing The Calories Away

Zumba Dance - Dancing The Calories Away

The Zumba dance class in an experience. With Latin American music rhythms thumping through the studio if you dared close your eyes momentarily you’d be taken away to another place, Colombia, Cuba or even Brazil.

But, you’re dancing in your own neighborhood and so are another 12 million people worldwide – they've fallen in love with the Zumba craze too. But, close your eyes too long and you’ll miss a step to this choreographed intense dance routine which will make you breathless, cause the back of your hair to sweat and leave a wide smile on your face.

Sound like anything else you like to do? To learn that you can burn between 500-1000 calories in a workout is merely an added advantage to this lively, fun and shaking dance class.

Get Carried Awayyy!

If you’re sick of the monotonous gym then it’s time for a change and get into a dynamic Zumba dance party! A Zumba workout is like being on a dance floor.

Instructors focus on introducing single steps and then add upper or lower movement or directional changes. A class generally goes for about sixty minutes but by the time you’re finished you won’t even realise where the time has gone because you've had so much fun!  

The Zumba Workout

The Zumba dance is made for everyone so it’s a moderate workout. If you were to run for the same amount of time you would expel more energy. There are special classes for the aging population as well as specific toning classes as well.  

But, Zumba is more than that. Zumba is about people loving exercise and for people who struggle to find any form of exercise enjoyable then this is for you.

It’s your chance to get moving, and with a growing number of people who live sedentary lives, they find the very thought of high-impact physical exercise intimidating.  Zumba is a big step to taking the fear out of exercise and having fun on your feet.

Maybe One Class Per Week...

If you’re trying to lose weight and belly fat then think about what you do in your life and what life long habits you have. If you don’t already include at least thirty minutes of exercise per day then you should consider changing something.

Often start including small things into your life. For example, if you have a gym membership, don’t say you’re going to go five times per week if you haven’t for the last five months.

Maybe commit to doing one class per week for one month. Then once you've got that class embedded into your routine try and include another session into your fitness regime. Zumba dance class is a welcoming class which if you don’t exercise regularly, it might be social and fun enough for you to encourage to you come back to class and lose weight at the same time.

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