Zumba Aerobics - Why Zumba? 

Zumba Aerobics - Why Zumba?

Zumba aerobics was designed by a Colombian choreographer and trainer. He used to teach general aerobics classes but one day he forgot his workout music and he put on his traditional Latin American tunes.

The result was an improvised class which included a hybrid of aerobics and dance moves. The program has an upbeat approach and it includes a range of international dances including salsa, mambo, tango as well as hip-hop and African dancing.

You Won’t Get Bored

These aerobics promises you won’t get bored with this workout routine. It will deliver a party-like atmosphere and if you live a high stress life then this is the workout option which might be just the thing to help you release and relax.

A Zumba class is supportive, fun and it will encourage people to join in. There is no prior dance experience required – so anyone can join in – and you don’t need a partner. All the moves are choreographed to allow modifications for people who want lower or higher intensity.

How Much Zumbaing Should You Do to...

                                     ...Reap the Rewards?

Zumba aerobics experts suggest that to see the health benefits a person should participate in at least three Zumba classes per week. Each class usually is about sixty minutes long.

Zumba is a cardio workout and the toning will come from constant repetition of the movements.

Zumba uses resistance moves against your own body like squats so the program helps with muscle definition as well as general fitness. It also uses interval training where a usual session starts with slower tacks but ends with high impact. Zumba will also help your stamina, your fitness and it also promotes co-ordination and body balance.

Where Can You Zumba?

For those of you who love to dance and want to try out this fitness craze then there are over 110,000 Zumba aerobics classes which are run in 42 countries all over the world.

So, to get started on your exercise program you will more than likely find one which is relatively close to you! Or if you want to try out a program at home then there is the ultimate Zumba workout DVD which you can buy online. 

For people who are interested in losing belly fat, Zumba is excellent as the class incorporates specific movements which target the abdomen. Zumba will help you get moving, grooving and toning the abs will help strip that unwanted belly fat.

Keep reading helpful articles and watch more videos about Zumba for weight loss, fitness and FUN:

Enjoy! :)

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