Yogurt Nutrition - Get Your Spoon Into Yogurt And Lose Weight

Yogurt Nutrition

There are many reasons why people love yogurt, and yogurt nutrition shows it’s a low calorie snack which people can enjoy. Noticeably Bulgarians eat volumes of yogurt and say it’s because it’s packed with health benefits and helps with longevity.

But, interestingly for those of you fighting against the battle of the bulge – new evidence shows yogurt has been found to aid weight loss.


Have you ever wondered why yogurt is easier to ingest? For lactose intolerant people, yogurt is tolerable and enjoyable. Yogurt nutrition explains this mystery with the culturing process; yogurt aids a person’s digestion where each pot contains live cultures.

These live cultures create lactase (enzyme which lactose intolerant people lack) and often beta-galactosidase which also helps with overall absorption. Each brand of yogurt is different, but generally, yogurt doesn’t include any lactose because when it is cultured it breaks down the sugar lactose (which lactose intolerant people can’t absorb). 

Health Benefits

Recent studies have shown that if you eat yogurt, it helps prevent cholesterol build up in the blood. These experts believe that either the live cultures found in yogurt actually reduce the cholesterol levels or the cultures bind with bile acids. Also, yogurt shows that these live cultures help the body in other areas as well.

Eating live cultures reduces yeast colonies from building up. For women this is particularly important, a reduction of yeast levels reduces the risk of yeast infections and irritations such as thrush (which is a vaginal irritation typically found in women).

Weight Loss

A twelve week study which monitored obesity and weight loss found those people who incorporated yogurt into their calorie controlled diets lost 22% more weight and 61% more body fat. The findings evidenced that calcium and protein helps burn fat and promotes weight loss.

When thinking about yogurt where a typical serving size is packed full with calcium then it wasn’t surprising to find that people who were trying to lose weight were twice as effective at maintaining lean muscle mass. The study showed 81% of the yogurt eaters reduced their belly fat than non-yogurt eaters.

Remember that the best way to lose weight is through a calorie restricted diet and with exercise. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t choose foods which will help you slim down and yogurt nutrition research shows that it might be the food to help you.

Yogurt isn’t a miracle food, and weight loss and battling with the already existing bulge will take time. But, it seems to be one of those products that if you combine it with exercise, then it might be just the thing to help you shed a little bit more off your waistline.  

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