Women And Obesity

Women and obesity it’s an astounding fact, that sixty percent of women in the United States overweight. But, of these sixty percent, one third of women are obese.

To fight the battle of the bulge it’s important to understand the cultural influences that have led to the increase in women and obesity. The cultural influences that have helped increase the obesity include portion sizes, career focus and improved transportation. Read on for more details:

Portion Sizes

If you have traveled around Asia, or Europe you might get a rude shock when you order a meal because they’re small. American cultural has changed over the years and super sized portion sizes have become the norm. A super sized portion is one of the leading concerns for increased obesity.

To tackle being overweight a very crude but effective trick to reduce portion size is to gauge how much food is enough, and analyse the quantity of food on your plate and when you should stop eating. The rule of thumb is for your body size, you shouldn't eat more than their size of your fist for any one meal.

Career Focus

Another reason for the increase in women and obesity is due to women entering the workforce. Today, women are set climbing the career ladder when in the past they were encouraged to quit work and look after the family. Remember, looking after the family included making dinner and creating healthy meals!

With women now almost expected to be the second income generator, women are not being at home to home cook meals. Generally, any home cooked meal is much healthier than ordering any type of takeaway or going to a restaurant. A trick to tackling obesity is to use make a large bulk portion controlled meal on a Sunday or before your particular work week starts, and eat the portion controlled meals throughout the rest of the week.

Innovation And Improved Transportation

The benefits of transportation have had an impact on increased women’s obesity. Although, using cars is the quickest option to get to the supermarket or to work, it shouldn't be the only option.

People used to use walk or ride bicycles which helped used more calories. But, with women being super moms, it is understandable that you may want to use the quickest transport method. But, to fight this increased statistic of women and obesity, space must be created women’s lives for exercise and healthy eating. It must become a priority even in the busiest timetables.

Overall women can take control of their body regardless of many jobs becoming more computerized to ensure your life is not too sedentary why not create a new habit to go for a walk around the office building at lunch? Or, if that’s not possible taking a brisk walk in the morning before the children wake up often helps. Taking the initiative of many solutions provided in this site will help your health and performance dramatically...no doubt about it!

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