Weight Lifting to Lose Weight - What Beginners Need to Know

Weight lifting to lose weight is one of the smartest and most effective of all possible approaches towards getting in shape.

When you lift weights, there is a very impressive bonus, and this is that it will help you drop pounds. There are many reasons that this is the situation.

Building muscle takes energy. Once you are done with your workout, your body needs to rebuild itself and that takes energy. In addition, muscle burns more calories than fat. After all, fat is an energy storage system!

Simple Exercises that You Can Do Now

By now, you will know that you need to exercise to lose belly fat and achieve weight loss.

Weight Lifting to Lose Weight - What Beginners Need to Know

You might think that you need impressive weights or a gym membership for weight lifting to lose weight, but this is not the case. Your body has weight, and you can easily use it to help you build your strength.

Exercises such as push-ups and squats are easy ways to start weight lifting at home. This means that it is possible to get results even without any equipment.

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The Best Dumbbell Exercises for Beginners

With a simple weight bench and dumbbells you can accomplish a great deal. Of course, we must pause to point out that the most important step for beginners is to make sure that you are working out safely and avoid injury.

The Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Beginners

  1. Bench presses
  2. Dumbbell flyes
  3. Shoulder presses
  4. Bicep curls
  5. Triceps extensions
  6. Squats
  7. One-armed bent rows

These seven exercises can be done with just a simple bench and dumbbells. Next let's look at smart tips for weight lifting to lose weight tips to keep you safe and healthy.

Smart Workout Tips

  1. Only use weights you can handle and control
  2. Start out with small amount of weight
  3. Make sure that your bench is safe
  4. If you are using dumbbells that incorporate a "plate" design, be sure that the plates are secure
  5. If you feel any pain or strain stop immediately
  6. Don't work out the same body part everyday, as your body needs time to recover
  7. Don't skip cardiovascular workouts, as they will help you build your heart and lose weight
  8. Make sure you get high-quality protein for muscle building
  9. Eliminate fast food and processed food from your diet
  10. Treat your workouts seriously and use caution

Follow these tips and you will be weight lifting in no time!

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