Affordable Ways To Prevent Obesity

Do you need to learn different ways to prevent obesity effectively? Don’t let the scale tip further in the wrong direction. Identifying your good habits and bad habits in relation to food and exercise are the keys to your success. It is the most important factor for you to create your own individual weight loss strategy.


Creating habits means that fighting obesity will not be impossible, as you will slowly create a lifestyle which is healthier and you will be able to sustain living it. Developing a new habit is said to take only two weeks. Being truly honest with yourself in what you do and taking things one step at a time to change will help you on your road to success with beating obesity.

Tip One: Develop A Love Affair With Food

You probably know that obesity is often related to consuming too much food. When identifying ways to prevent obesity you need to look at the food you regularly consume. Write a journal (no one has to read it) of everything you eat and drink and do this every day. Absolutely everything that goes through your mouth, whether it is a cup of coffee, a soda or a French fry must be recorded in your food diary. If possible write the time of day and at the end of the week try and understand what you do, and why you eat.

Examples are: do you wait outside a bus stop and because you are bored you buy a packet of fries before the bus comes? Do you have the extra large meal when you order fast food, could you reduce that to large or even medium? Do you buy large cappuccinos when all you want is a white coffee (there is often a huge calorie difference).

Develop Ways To Get Moving

If you are obese or overweight there are many different ways to prevent obesity. Making sure you burn calories is important to reducing your waistline. More often than not if you are overweight you are probably quite sedentary in your lifestyle and look at changing or creating new and active habits.

Look for quick wins which could get you moving during the week and on weekends. For example, if you start an exercise routine during the weekdays start with only one sit up and one push up. Increase this number by one each work day.

Do this each week day consistently until you get to at least a sixty-minute walk for five days per week. Other small things you can do are: take the downward flight of stairs in your office when it is home time, and as you get fitter take the upward stairs when you arrive. If you work close to a shopping complex, try and walk there and back in your lunch hour.

The Obesity Fight

The hardest part in losing weight and finding ways to prevent obesity is because long lasting habits which are so en-grained in your lifestyle and without you being fully conscious of what they are, you just do them, and they are like second nature to you.

If you are struggling to lose weight, you might consider contacting a support group to gather confidence and motivation. If you stick to these support groups you will lose weight! Fighting obesity and losing weight is tough – but it has been done by many people before you and taking a long-term approach to battling obesity – you too can be on the road to success! Good luck!

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