Taking Laxatives to Lose Weight is Never a Good Idea

Taking laxatives to lose weight is one of many really bad ideas regarding weight loss that seem to persist no matter how often they debunked.

Laxatives most definitely have their medical uses, but losing weight isn't on the list. In fact, it can even be argued that if you feel as though you need laxatives for any reason, you should be consulting your doctor.

Taking laxatives to drop a few pounds isn't a good move and is a direct affront to healthy, long term weight loss. Stated another way, skip the laxatives and find another way to lose weight.

Let's look at a few of the reasons that using laxatives to shed a few pound is a really terrible idea and one you need to avoid.
Taking Laxatives to Lose Weight is Never a Good Idea

Oh, the Inhumanity!

If you plan on taking laxatives to lose weight, the truth is that it will take a lot of laxatives.

Think it over for a moment; do you really want to invest the expense, pain and, well, the time to lose weight in this fashion?

Viewed from this perspective, the answer is pretty obvious. Overuse of laxatives is painful and unpleasant. Yes, there are better ways.

Using Laxatives for Weight Loss, a Dangerous Idea That You Should Skip

Taking too many laxatives can be very bad for your health. It puts your body under stress, and it can serve to add to dehydration as well. Further, taking too many laxatives can cause you to lose valuable nutrition essential to your well-being.

This is a key point because if your body feels that it is being starved of nutrition, it will begin to crave more food and fat in particular. Taking laxatives to lose weight is a bad idea and one that you need to forget!

Find Less Unpleasant and Healthier Options

Keep in mind that using laxatives to drop a couple of pounds isn't a permanent solution. Any weight loss you experience will be temporary. The end result may be yo-yo dieting, which just isn't the way to achieve sustainable results.

Instead eliminate processed food and fast food from you diet and start choosing healthier picks. The more whole foods you eat the better off you will be.

Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, seeds, nuts and whole grains are your friends. Leave the laxatives on the shelves until there is an emergency. Besides if you focus on eating enough of the aforementioned foods you'll never need those laxatives.

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