"Shrimp" That Waistline Using The Shrimp Nutrition

Rid your belly fat and shrink in size with shrimp. Shrimp nutrition shows although these shellfish are small they are high in nutritional value, high in protein but low in calories! They’re perfect for any weight loss regime and versatile across cuisines.

Shrimp Nutrition - Shrimp That Waistline

They are found in cooking recipes from Italy, Thailand, India and in most cosmopolitan cooking. In the movie Forrest Gump the character Bubba can’t stop talking about the amazing number of ways of how to cook shrimp. It’s important to keep this in mind when cooking it to lose weight.

Shrimp Facts

Seafood lovers get on board with including shrimp in a healthy eating plan because shrimp nutrition shows that one of these little shellfish contains vitamin B-12, selenium, iodine, iron and omega-3.Also, shrimp are very low in calories and fat content. Shrimp are also found to contain essential omega-3 acids, which is something the human cannot produce so you must find a source and physically ingest it.

Omega 3 is found in shrimp and this is most helpful in preventing heart disease, inflammation and increase cognitive functioning. A portion of 90 grams (or 3 ounces) of shrimp contains 2.3 mg of iron.

Many people in America are iron deficient and a lack of iron causes memory problem as well as fatigue and difficulties in maintaining body temperature. When considering the calorie content of shrimp, it’s a little more than one calorie per one gram of shrimp. A 90 gram (3 ounces) portion of steamed shrimp contains approximately 100 calories and little fat.

High Sodium and Cholesterol in Shrimp

Shrimp nutrition does mention that shrimp contain sodium and cholesterol. A 90 gram portion of shrimp has 805 mg of sodium (dietary allowances recommend 1,500 mg per day) and 179 mg of cholesterol (dietary allowance recommends 300 mg per day).

Take these nutritional facts into consideration when preparing shrimp because a shrimp meal which contains sauces with high amounts of sodium will put your dish well over the daily recommendation.

However, although shrimp is a food high in cholesterol, just because a food is high in cholesterol doesn't mean that this food will cause cholesterol. Research shows that foods high in saturated fats are really the foods to blame high cholesterol levels on.

Shrimp Nutrition - Shrimp That Waistline

Sizzling Shrimp

Shrimp can be boiled, broiled, sauteed, stir fried, barbecued For weight loss low shrimp nutrition alone with the low fat and low calorie content won’t help, the way you prepare this delectable shellfish is absolutely imperative into making a delicious meal and keeping the calories down. Consider using them to make a healthy salad.

Or place them in foil (remove the need for calorific oils and add water, lime and chili) and bake them. If you do bake them, add pineapple or mango for a treat that will absolutely tantalize your taste buds.

When trying to lose weight and belly fat cooking to a calorie limitation doesn't have to be ‘limiting’. Don’t be limited by your imagination and look for exciting recipes and branch out trying different foods. If cost is the issue remember reducing your portion size will instantly reduce the price – and your waistline.

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