What You Need to Know About Running to Lose Weight

Will running to lose weight work? The simplest answer is yes. You can lose your belly fat through running. However, the more accurate answer is a bit more complicated.

Spot reduction, in which you burn off fat in just one area of your body, is a complete myth. No matter what you hear about spot reduction working, just ignore it!

What we will look at in this article is how you can use running as part of a healthy campaign to improve your overall health and lose weight at the same time. You might not be able to lose weight just in your midsection, but running will help you lose weight in general.

Visit Your Doctor

Its a prudent idea that before you begin any weight loss regime of any kind that you consult with your doctor. There are many factors that can play into whether or not you are healthy enough for physical activities and dieting. Check with your doctor before you begin running or working out!

Start Slowly and Avoid Injury

Running to Lose Weight

Don’t just wake up one morning and start running. You may have worked with a personal trainer or still have lingering memories of your high-school gym coach who told you to “just do it!” Ignore these impulses, as running to lose weight is possible, but it must be done in the correct fashion.

Your first step is just that, a step, as you should begin with walking. Work towards your goal of running by first walking and eventually graduating towards longer and longer walks at a brisker and brisker pace.

This process will build up your endurance and serves to essentially take your body for a “test run.” If there are any major health issues, such as joint or cardiovascular problems, it is best to know about them while you are walking rather than running.

Once you begin running to lose weight, start slowly. At first, you should incorporate short, moderately paced running into your routine. Over time, your runs will become longer and longer.

Don’t try and make up for years of inactivity in a week or two. That “strategy” only ends in injury or giving up!

Running Definitely Burns Calories

There is no doubt that running definitely burns calories. Once you have safely worked up to a regular running schedule, you will see the weight drop if you are also following a smart, healthy diet.

Running to lose weight will work. But remember that brisk and sensible walking will also achieve this goal. Regardless of whether you are walking or running, wear appropriate shoes.

Additionally you can avoid your chances of injury by running on soft surfaces, such as grass, instead of concrete. Concrete is hard and quite jarring to your body. This fact is particularly important for those with extra pounds to lose, as the force of the impact on concrete will be amplified. This can lead to ankle and knee problems and injuries. As always, safety must come first!

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