Recipe Nutrition Calculator The Secret To Losing Weight?

Recipe Nutrition Calculator

Counting calories – yet you still can’t lose weight? A recipe nutrition calculator might just the best tip you’ve had to help you on your journey to slimming down and having a healthier and happy future.  

Once you’re realised that the secret to weight loss is to reduce the number of calories you consume then you’ve mastered part of the weight loss battle. Yet, the hardest part is yet to come – cutting back on those calories!

Counting calories is one of the widely accepted and effective ways to understand how many calories you are actually consuming. But, if you’re going to go to all the effort of counting calories – you want to see results – so make sure you get it right! 

Establish the Calorie Amounts For Each Recipe  

Very often recipes found in magazines or newspapers will print the number of calories or fat per portion. However, unless you are using the exact brands of ingredients which are stated in the recipe then the calories you are cooking with and will ultimately consume might be slightly different to what is printed.

This is why it is important to get your own recipe nutrition calculator so you can understand the calorie values associated with foods and establish exactly the number of calories which go through your mouth.

Also, a calorie counter is also important if you are building your own recipes from scratch. Make sure you include every element which has gone into the recipe and that includes all oils and sauces!

Calorie Counting An Estimation

When calorie counting the most important step is to read the labels on the back of packets for items you buy in the supermarket. But, there are items such as fruit and vegetables, or proteins which won’t come with a prescribed number of calories.

Even if you have a recipe nutrition calculator counting calories is only estimation. But, only when you start understanding calories, foods and portion sizes will you start changing your eating behaviour. When you’re cooking you’ll be able to start substituting food items for some which are less in calories and fat than others – yet there is little difference in overall taste.

Still No Results

If you’re counting calories and are vigilant with your food and exercise then don’t despair or become discouraged! Long-term goals take time to achieve and although you might want it to happen overnight – it won’t. 

When looking in the mirror you may not see the results of your hard labour (you probably won’t until at least three months). Remember that you didn’t put the weight on overnight and it takes twice as long to take weight off! 

If your weight loss is slow and steady, this approach is positive and you will win your personal weight loss race because you’re creating sustainable life-long habits.

To keep yourself motivated consider measuring your body shape. Grab a measuring tape and you’ll find that most people a little bit of weight comes off from all areas all over your body. You’ll be a few millimetres or centimetres smaller around your neck, your belly, your arms your legs, your bottom etc.

Use a measuring tape along with your recipe nutrition calculator and you’ll see results! Keep calorie counting and establishing new healthy eating habits and you will get there! Keep it up and good luck!

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