Preventing Child Obesity - Ten Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn some tips in preventing child obesity? The fact is one in three children in the United States is overweight and one in five is obese.

To make it simple, the acronym C.A.R.E (community, analysis, regimented food and exercise) has been devised to help you remember some helpful pointers in keeping your child from the battle against the bulge.


C- Collaborate With The Community

This is the first tip in preventing child obesity it to get involved and collaborate with the local community. Examine the community in which your child lives and all social interactions your child engages. Look at school tuition / care facilities as well as social engagements.

Check what is offered at the canteen or for meal times? Are there vending machines easily accessible which are filled with soft-drinks? Does the canteen offer healthy inexpensive homemade alternatives other than processed food products, for example, a fruit ice block is a fantastic sugar fix and can compete next to an ice cream – if it is on offer.

What sporting activities does your child participate in when they are in care groups / school? Social engagements are no different. Often a well intentioned friend or relative (e.g. grandparent) can sabotage your child’s eating habits. Are they given any treats when you aren’t around, for example, chocolate or ice-creams or chips? What are they given at mealtimes? If your child is overweight having conversations with these organisations and the people in the community can help you create a network to fight obesity.

A- Analysis And Education

Preventing child obesity becomes easier for you as a parent is your combat it with education. Don’t rely on schools to provide the materials and lead by example when illustrating the importance of healthy eating. Talking your child through the food pyramid is an important step.

Try and explain how people become overweight. Whatever you do is, don’t set your child up for failure. Devise a responsible weight loss plan which is achievable and includes new food and exercise habits. The worst thing you can do is train your child how to fail by setting their goals too high – when it doesn’t have to be. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

R- Regimented Food

Preventing child obesity can be easy once you have an outlined weight loss program. Be strict on the food your child eats when they are in your sight. Remember, food is half the equation.

E - Exercise

Helping your child develop healthy new habits is an important step in preventing child obesity. Even if you do not like or love sport, helping them to find something which is physical rather than sedentary is extremely important.

If your child is overweight and now anxious about playing sports, try and encourage other physical activities which don’t involve group sports, for example, send your child to the corner shop either on foot or on a bike to buy the local paper, climb a tree or go walking with friends or swimming or surfing. Encourage your adolescent to catch public transport and develop independence rather than get driven will also help them to get physical.

Child obesity can be overcome, it is often not irreversible and with a little bit of parental care and support you can help prevent your child from battling against the bulge for possibly the rest of their life. Remember the CARE tips – they do help!

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