Pizza Nutrition And You – Having A “Love Affair” Injecting Calories

Pizza Nutrition And You – Having a “Love Affair” Injecting Calories

Are you ordering or cooking a healthy pizza? Pizza nutrition information show pizza is at best 300 calories per slice. Having a love affair with pizza and eating it, is like injecting calories. It’s a dieter’s nightmare because you’ll eat your daily calorie allowance in one sitting.

If trying to lose weight – avoid eating pizza unless you will only eat one slice which is very difficult. Or, consider cooking pizza and making fundamental changes to the traditional recipe. With pizza, there are two areas to focus on: the toppings and the crust.

Low Calorie Toppings

When comparing pizza nutrition information you will notice pizzas with sauce are higher in calories, avoid barbecue and garlic sauces. Choose tomato based pizzas. The best topping for any calorie restricted diet is of course vegetable topping.

This applies for pizza, with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, green peppers all being excellent topping choices. Avoid olives as they’re extremely high in fat. Meat toppings will instantly add calories. The best choice is lean ham or seafood. Avoid pepperoni, salamis, sausages and bacon which are ingredients packed with fat.

Pizza Nutrition And You – Having a “Love Affair” Injecting Calories

Cheese is calorific, when ordering pizza try requesting they make the pizza ‘light on the cheese’. When making the pizza at home, choose a lighter cheese and have less or no cheese. If you are using less cheese and don’t want to deprive yourself then consider using basil, pineapple and shredded tomato which are ingredients which are packed filled with flavor and low in calories.

Pita Pizza Crust

Any pizza nutrition information that you might look up will show you that any deep pan, deep dish or filled pizza crusts are loaded with calories. The best option if ordering a crust is to choose a thin base. When making the pizza at home you can consider using pita bread as a healthier alternative.

But, remember a medium sized pita has about 130 calories, if you choose this option you’ll still have to limit the number of pita pizzas you have. A top tip: a pita usually is double layered, slice between the layers and create two circular halves. This will halve the calories of the base immediately.

Vegetarian Crusts

Depending on your frame of mind, a change to any traditional recipe is often considered gourmet. That’s the way it should be with pizza as well. As you know with pizza nutrition the bready base is high in calories, so why not substitute it with a vegetable base? Don’t be horrified!

A vegetarian crust will bring down your calories and enable you to include more calories where it counts – on the toppings. Cauliflower pizza crusts are delicious and because cauliflower has such a creamy, natural taste, it’s often an excellent substitute for carbohydrates (like potato) and in this case pizza bread. Pulse cauliflower in a blender to create a breadcrumb like texture (don’t liquidly the cauliflower).

Pizza Nutrition And You – Having a “Love Affair” Injecting Calories

Cook the cauliflower like breadcrumbs in the microwave for eight minutes. Add one egg, herbs (oregano, garlic and onion). Scoop out and flatten the mixture on a tray in the shape of a pizza. Cook your cauliflower pizza crust in the oven for fifteen minutes on a high temperature. In presentation, this pizza crust looks like the basis of a restaurant quality canape and if you get the toppings right the meal can be delicious and low calorie as well.

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