The Pineapple Nutrition Benefits In Your Weight Loss Routine

Pineapple nutrition has been considered a nutritious health food for centuries. This prickly fruit (although only on the outside) with its sweet tart flavor has found its way from it native land Brazil. It is now harvested all over the world in India, China, South Africa and Europe. You can eat it raw, cook it, freeze it or blend it.

The Pineapple Nutrition Benefits In Your Weight Loss Routine

The delicious, nutritious pineapple is often a snack for children or adults, or the essential ingredient in a smoothie for the health conscious. It’s low in calories and for those trying to lose weight – do yourself a favor, don’t deprive yourself, buy yourself a pineapple!

Health Benefits of Pineapple

One cup of delicious pineapple pieces has only 74 calories. Pineapple nutrition information shows this fruit to be packed with vitamin C which helps with muscle tone as well as nerve and bone health. It’s also an excellent source of fiber and contains bromelain which is found to aid digesting protein, reducing inflammation and healing.

Selecting Pineapple

The flavor combined with the numerous pineapple nutrition benefits make this fruit a ‘must buy’ for your next shopping list. As fruits are seasonal you can buy it fresh or preserved in tins or cans. Although, as a general rule, fresh is better. When purchasing canned pineapple if you are trying to lose weight, remember to avoid the brands with added sugar. Pineapple is sweet enough as it is, so there is no reason to buy added sugar brands.

If it’s the right season for you to buy fresh pineapple from the supermarket then there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Feel the exterior of the pineapple for ‘soft-spots’ or bruises and avoid these if possible.
  • Tap the edge of the fruit with your finger and listen to the sound it makes. Opt for a pineapple with a solid sound rather than a hollow sound.
  • A pineapple does not shelf ripen so check the color. Also, pick the fruit up and smell it, the more fragrant it is at the stem end – the better. But, if it is musty, it may be sour.
The Pineapple Nutrition Benefits In Your Weight Loss Routine

Incorporating Pineapple into Your Diet

Pineapple is a versatile fruit and it can be eaten at any time. Due to the benefits of pineapple nutrition try and incorporate it into your diet when it is in season. As it can be eaten raw consider having a slice of fresh pineapple with your breakfast each morning. If trying to lose belly fat and you’re struggling with trying to find snack substitutes then try a pineapple smoothie. It will be creamy and delicious, leaving you feeling full and satisfied until your next meal.

Due to the sweetness of the pineapple, you don’t need to add much more than the fruit and ice to a blender. You can also include pineapple in your diet as a treat after dinner. A top tip is to make a pineapple icy. Blend the pineapple and pour the liquid into an ice tray. Insert sticks in the center of each one of the ice tray molds and freeze. You will end up with small, portion controlled iced pineapple pieces.

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