Organic Nutrition Food
Cost, Flavor And Weight Loss

Are you getting into organic food? Organic nutrition food is said to be healthier and better flavor for you but it generally costs about 50% more than the conventional food found in the supermarket.

Organic Nutrition Food - Cost And Weight Loss

Research links pesticide content in food and almost every health problem, including increased headaches, cancer and birth defects. Low-pesticide exposure is thought to be toxic for pregnant women whose body is under additional stress.

Pesticides are also thought to be toxic for fetuses and children whose immune system is less developed. But, experts of conventional food research maintain that the level of pesticides found in conventional foods is regulated and shouldn't cause adults long-term health benefits. Who are you going to believe? Is the extra cost worth it to you?

Organic Food Defined

Organic nutrition food is defined when food is grown without pesticides, artificial fertilizers, biotechnology or irradiation. Animals grazing on organic farms have strict diets and eat only organically grown grain food and aren't provided antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. Importantly, these animals are allowed to graze freely and are not confined 100% of the time - which differs from many conventional farming techniques.

Why is Organic Food Thought To Be More Nutritious?

Research insists that organic nutrition food has higher nutritional values than conventional food because of the absence of pesticides and fertilizers. Also as a result these organic products have a natural and better flavor. This higher nutritional value is thought to come from plants which have their own natural mechanism to fight bugs. Without pesticides plants build their own resistance through phytochemicals (vitamins and antioxidants).

Organic Nutrition Food - Cost And Weight Loss

Where to Buy Organic Foods?

If you have the financial ability to buy organic food then you probably should. Local farmers markets often carry organic produce which is local to an area. But, if organic food isn't in your price range then consider buying organic foods which are known to be more fragile where farmers spray more pesticides. The ‘dirty dozen’ high pesticide foods, include peaches, nectarines, spinach, celery, lettuce, sweet bell peppers, potatoes, grapes, strawberries, cherries, apples and pears.

Organic Nutrition Food - Cost And Weight Loss

Organic Food and Weight Loss

When considering where or not to buy organic nutrition food there one strain of research that ties weight loss to toxins found in conventional foods. This research believes the toxins found in conventional and processed foods cause the body to store fat and increase the incidence of disease and if a person switches to organic then they will rid their body of the toxins, and lose weight immediately.

The validity of this research is yet to be determined, but if you are trying to lose belly fat then you should consider the possibility of eating organic food. Organic food probably won’t be your sole weight loss answer and there is no quick solution to weight loss – but switching to organic food could possibly help. But don’t forget portion size and healthy eating as well!

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