The Olive Oil Nutrition – Health And Weight Loss Benefits

Olive oil is said to be ‘good fat’ and olive oil nutrition advice from health experts states that it’s so good for people who are overweight that it can help fight against heart disease!

The Olive Oil Nutrition – Health And Weight Loss Benefits

If you’re fighting against the battle of the bulge and worried about your weight and overall health, then perhaps you should you including it in your salad or as substitutes elsewhere in your diet?

The Olive Oil Hype

Olive oil nutrition states that there is evidence suggesting that the monounsaturated fats in oil can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease if taken daily. The recommended daily intake is two tablespoons (23 grams), however, olive oil isn't supposed to be in addition to a dieters regular calorie allowance – it’s supposed to replace other saturated fats which exist in your diet.

Olive Oil ‘Fat’ Facts

Monounsaturated fats keep coronary arteries clear, as these arteries are the main passage ways to transport blood to your heart. Since olive oil is found to have monounsaturated fats, it is beneficial as it helps reduce a person’s cholesterol levels.

However, virgin olive oil has been found to be even better. Virgin olive oil is a more refined product where polyphenols are present. Polyphenols reduce inflammation and are also antioxidants – meaning that they help fight against some cancers.

Belly Busters - How do you incorporate it in your diet?

If you’re on a calorie restricted diet then you’re probably eating more salads and vegetables than you have in your life. There is a definite art form to making a mouth-watering salad. The benefits of olive oil nutrition is as easy as adding a splash of olive oil (if it fits into your calorie allowance) to a salad.

Try including some fresh herbs (basil, mint or chives) as these can spice up a seemingly boring salad into something extraordinary. If your calorie allowance allows it, add fruit surprises such as a small amount of, mango or blue berries. Pumpkin seeds and nuts are also salad additions with will awaken your taste buds. But, don’t get bored of olive oil, remember to purchase ‘extra virgin’ olive oil and infusions which include chili truffle and garlic flavors provide extra punch to a dish.

You can infuse olive oil yourself by adding springs of rosemary and other dried herbs. Olive oil isn't only suitable as a salad dressing; it can be used as a butter substitute when sprinkling on your vegetables. If fighting against fat, there is no reason why not use olive oil as not only is it tasty but it’s excellent for your health!

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