Obesity In The world - The Facts And What You Can Do About It

Obesity in the world has reached epidemic proportions. More than 10% of the world’s population is obese and most of them are women. If you are overweight and think that it’s harmless, think again.

Being overweight can easily lead into being obese which holds in numerous health risks. In here we will have a look at the impact of obesity on the world, how it affects you can what you can do about it.


Statistics Of Obesity In The World

As of 2005 the World Health Organization estimates that at least 400 million people are obese. And this figure has been rising and rising as time goes by. The top 5 most obese countries are USA, Mexico, UK, Slovakia and Greece.

In the US, obesity is estimated to cause an excess of 300,000 deaths a year. In the UK obesity takes about 1 million lives per year. Obesity is a major threat to your health and your life. Don’t become one of the obesity numbers; protect your health by following a healthy diet and regular exercise program.

Obesity Varies In Different Cultures

The measurement for obesity is not the same in all the countries. Asian cultures develop negative health consequences at a lower BMI than other cultures, so their BMI rating for obesity is much lower.

Calculate your BMI today and find out if you qualify as obese. If you are Asian, you may be obese when your BMI is greater than 25.

Calorie Consumption Is Linked To Obesity

Total calorie consumption is related to obesity. The more calories you eat, the more you will weigh. When you look at obesity in the world, the US has the highest number of obese people. Not surprisingly, the US also had the highest calorie consumption in a study done.

The best way to prevent obesity is to know how many calories to consume daily (TDEE) for weight maintenance or loss. Calculate your calories here and prevent obesity.

Obesity Is A Serious Threat To Food Supply

The overweight population does not only weigh the earth down at an extra 17 million tons, but they also pose a major threat to food security. The extra food consumed from those obese people is almost the equivalent of 1 billion extra people. This can lead to food problems and can place a big demand on the food supply; especially in poorer countries.

Whenever you eat something, realize that the food supply is not abundant. There is a limit on the food supply and the more you eat, the less there are for other people.

As you can see obesity in the world is a real threat to our health and to the food supply. You don’t have to become one of the obesity numbers. Even if you are already obese, you can make a change with this advice, by exercising often and following a calorie controlled diet.

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