Obesity Effects And You -
Are You Taking Action?

How critical are the obesity effects? Are you warring with your weight or pinching fat around your stomach and worried how it got there? Will it have an adverse impact on your life?

Despite impacting your overall physical appearance, let’s look at the truth behind how obesity can affect your personal health and mental state...

Obesity Effects And You - Are You Taking Action?

Health Risks

With worldwide obesity levels on the rise there is much research and many publications on the multiple health issues related to the obesity in the human body. The following list is by no means exhaustive, but includes the most serious health conditions associated with obesity, and they include: angina (chest pain), cancer, diabetes, joint paints, metabolic syndrome, strokes, mobility impairment and heart disease.

Mental Frame Of Mind

Experts believe some of the immediate obesity effects can harm not only physical health but also mental health. Obesity touches people differently, destroying self esteem which is obviously connected with being accepted within society.

As public appearance and being physically able becomes more challenging, it is not uncommon for obese people to avoid social situations which further spirals a person into depression.

Being obese, you will need to toughen up your frame of mind and excel ‘despite your looks’. For people who overcome obesity, their success will be one of life’s biggest challenges and the willpower and strength a ‘once’ obese person has will be much stronger than a healthy person who’s just lost a few kilos to become a little bit more slim.

Society Stigma

Repeatedly over history, societies of many cultures have discriminated and mocked obese people. Although today, many societies class it unacceptable to discriminate against people for their gender, religion or colour – yet this is not the case for obesity.

Also, opportunities are often lost where part of the obesity effects can influence career progression and potential increases in earnings in a negative way. On a more personal note, obese people when compared to people of healthy weights often have fewer social and romantic relationships.

The basis of much of this discrimination is that obese people choose their physical condition and their physical state is directly correlated with their slovenly behaviour, complete over indulgence and their weight is a direct measure of their low willpower.

Need Help

There are multiple support groups which will help obese people to lose weight and can help you change your life - eliminate the mental, health and social effects.

Firstly, always consult a doctor before starting any healthy eating plan or exercise regime. This is your life, this is your chance and the only person who can make the initial step to improve your life, for the better – is you.

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