Obesity And Snoring: The More You Eat The More You Snore

Does your loved one snore? Are obesity and snoring related? Sleep specialists show a correlation between these two being the number one cause of air blockages and creating the most inconvenient noise, i.e. the snore.

If you as a partner are suffering from lack of sleep it might be time to help and support your partner in cutting back on their portion size and calories – it will help you get some sleep. Other factors which cause snoring like medications, smoking and drinking don’t impact as much as obesity does. In fact, in the majority of cases, if a person loses weight, they’ll lose their snore.


Why Do People Snore When They Are Overweight

A person snores when there is an obstruction to their airways. When people put on excess weight, fat spreads around the body to all areas. This excess fat and flabby tissue build up from obesity and the combination of snoring occurs due to the obstruction to the person’s airways.

Fat deposits in the neck and flabby tissues in the nasal cavities are major reasons why a person snores. The fat obstructs the nasal passageways and if the person is obese and lies on their back when sleeping, any excess fat on the neck will squash the person’s airways and will also cause snoring.

Snoring Is Serious Not Just An Inconvenience

Snoring occurs when the body can’t perform its basic function of breathing. The snore is the sound related to air being forced out, and if faced with obesity and snoring this means that flabby tissues and weakened neck muscles are preventing you from having the ability to breathe and perform basic human function such as sleep.

Despite the fact that snoring is an inconvenience or simply noisy, it can be the precursor to much more serious sleep problems including sleep apnea where a person wakes up in the middle of the night because they have temporarily stopped breathing. People who find themselves gasping for air should see a doctor because if their air passages are blocked this sleep disorder is absolutely fatal.

Sleep Like You Eat: Cut Back On Food And Snoring

Cutting back on portion size and pumping up the exercise will help you attack both obesity and snoring! These problems can be alleviated through weight loss! This is excellent news, as working with a calorie controlled diet and a rigorous exercise program you will more than likely put a stop to the snoring and be able to tighten your belt. Research shows that to eliminate snoring often men only need to lose 20% of their body weight (if obesity is the main cause). Fight obesity now!

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