The Correlation Between Obesity And Fast Food

Obesity and fast food have a shocking correlation and if you continue with your biweekly habit of fast food, you may end up as one of the obesity statistics. Do you love Fast food? If you do, obesity may be knocking on your doorstep sooner than you think.


We will have a look at the relationship between fast food and obesity. I will also share some tips with you so that you can still enjoy fast food and keep the weight off.

As Fast Food Consumption Increase, Obesity Increases

Obesity rates in the US have more than doubled the last 50 years. During the same period, consumption of fast foods has also increased. This makes experts agree that fast food is contributing to the rising rates of obesity. Fast food portions are getting bigger and bigger. And we are getting used to those increased portion sizes. Fast food is low in nutrition, which usually leaves you hungry soon after eating. That’s maybe why you need bigger portions of fast food to keep you full.

Children Have Wide Access To Fast Food

With most modern moms not having time to pack a healthy lunch for their kids, more children are turning to fast food. Every day, nearly one third of US children aged 4 to 19 eat fast food. A recent study found that a bi-weekly habit of fast food likely packs on 10+ pounds a year and increase the risk of obesity.

A recent study done by CARDIA (The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults) showed that fast food can cause extensive risk to your health; including a higher risk of diabetes and insulin resistance.

Tips To Enjoy Fast Food Without The Weight Gain

Is there a way which you can still enjoy fast food and not become obese? Sure there is! Everything in moderation is my motto. You can still enjoy fast food while not harming your health or figure. The trick is to reduce the amount of times you eat fast food. Keep it for a treat and try not to have fast food more than twice a month. You can also make your own fast food at home the healthy way. Just use oven bake chips instead of fries and make your own burgers from lean beef mince.

As you’ve seen there is a scary correlation between obesity and fast food. Regular consumption of fast food can also harm your health. Use the tips given in this article to help you enjoy fast food without the health risk or weight.

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