Fight Obesity Among Children

Fight Obesity Among Children

There is a growing incidence of obesity among children in the United States and throughout the world. Gone is the age of the hunter gatherers and their lean frame because one in three children is categorized overweight and one in five children is considered obese.

This is a scary statistic, as there is a high possibility that your child is obese. As a parent, you can plan to fight these rising obesity levels and ensure that your child does not become a statistic.


Food Glorious Food – Can Be Healthy

Children are becoming seduced by food marketing but educating your child about food can help prevent obesity among children. When you are providing your child snacks, if possible, try and prepare them yourself and make the food as natural as possible rather than buying products filled with sugar and unnecessary calories.

If your children are old enough, promote making food fun – but make it healthy. Use cooking as an activity with your child will help your child entertain themselves and it will educate them. Also, making the preparation of food at home is also significantly cheaper and much healthier then the food they will buy as takeaway. Learning about food preparation will also teach them what snacks they can make at home when you are out or too busy to make for them.

Get Them Physical

Obesity today is often rationalized due to growing technology, for example, the increased hours of television, more computer games and consoles, and the growing devises have each created greater opportunities for sedentary entertainment.

Try and put a limit to your child’s sedentary activities as this will give them an opportunity to find other activities (possibly even outdoor activities) as enjoyable.

Encouraging physical activities and creating a peer group of active people will help your child develop a life long habit of incorporating exercise with pleasure. Remember to set the example for your children and they will more than likely copy you!

Keep Them Lean

The easiest way to battle against obesity in children is to prevent it. However, if your child is obese you can still fight it with healthy food, exercise and a long-term plan. Obesity occurs in children because of too high a calorie intake when compared to calories used up in their physical activities.

Calories are generally from children eating the wrong food because they either have been poorly educated or they don’t exercise regularly. Work together with your child and offer them the right support framework and you will succeed in battling against obesity.

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