Nutrition Value And Being Overweight -
Living With The Pain Of Regret

Nutrition Value And Being Overweight

Being disciplined with food and exercise is hard. But you will feel the nutrition value and health benefits from sticking to your regime.

There are many things in life which people do which aren’t fun. Examples include taking out the rubbish, cleaning the shower, washing up after breakfast, grocery shopping, paying bills or changing diapers.

People don’t like doing these things but you do like the outcome. You like a clean house, you like your electricity to stay on, you want a healthy child and in regards to exercise you want a healthy body – and you might even enjoy the way you will look and feel when you wear cute new dresses or stylish shirts.  

Why Do We Hate Exercising?

Looking around you will see that human beings are crafty. So crafty, they’ve gone into developing mechanisms to make life easier and avoid exercise and physical effort. Humans don’t tend to chase painful exercises or discomfort.

We ride in cars and catch public transport because it’s quicker but it’s also easier and less strenuous! It’s much more enjoyable to sit back in air-conditioned comfort and not sweat when we’re walking around.

The mind is powerful and might think it’s easier to sleep in or sit on the couch rather than doing anything physical. But, where is the nutrition value or necessary health benefit of doing nothing?

Mind Games

Giving yourself the motivation to exercise and eat well, you will have to continually focus on strengthening your mind. Don’t focus on the health or nutrition value of eating well. Look deeply into yourself and get emotional! Are you able to play games with your kids? Are you afraid that your weight is putting off perspective dates?

Do you want to be single forever? Have you always wanted to look a certain way? Is there something you can do to improve your outlook or motivate you? Could you stick a picture of a celebrity on the fridge who has a six-pack stomach? Could you set multiple alarms to kick you out of bed?

Can you pay an expensive personal trainer and since you’ve spent the money you better turn up to the gym – because they’re fees hurt. Could your personal trainer arrive at your house? Can you arrange to meet a friend at the gym – and if you don’t go you’ll let them down.

Reward Your Hard Work

Remember – losing weight is difficult. It doesn’t matter if you’re losing fifty pounds or five pounds, you will need great emotional strength and vigilance to reach your goal.

Everyone always talks about you having to set goals to lose weight – but what about goals from when you’ve lost weight? No one (or very few people) will recognise the difficulties you will have to go through to change from being overweight to a healthy weight range. Obese or significantly overweight people have to absolutely uproot and change almost every element of their lives! It’s hard!

The only person who will understand how much your life has changed is you. You must reward yourself. Set yourself a reward scheme; perhaps for every ten pounds you lose you’ll buy yourself something. But, don’t reward yourself with food. Consider buying yourself a designer pair of shoes or a new handbag. But, make sure you put a mechanism in place.  Set goals to reward yourself.

Don’t live with the pain of regret – it will hurt you more emotionally than depriving yourself. You will lose your belly fat, you can do this!


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