Nutrition Lessons -
Create a Life Plan Not A Diet Plan

Are you faced with so many nutrition lessons you don’t know which ones to follow? Are you struggling to lose weight?

You probably already know the general rules, eat less, eat healthy food and exercise more and to create lifelong habits. But, what does that mean practically? Do you have to change who you are to lose weight?

An Honest Approach

You don’t have to change who you are to lose weight, you have to change what you do. One of the hardest nutrition lessons you have to learn is how to be honest with yourself and what your actions have created.

If you don’t know the truth and facts about your weight then you can’t do anything about it. For some of us that’s difficult because you don’t want to face the reality. You may have to buy yourself a bathroom scale (if you don’t already have one). You may feel embarrassed doing this, but it’s essential. If you don’t want to go into the store, order it online.

Not All Scales Are Made The Same 

Remember, when weighing yourself on different scales, you will often get different results because of each scale has a different calibration. They also are probably sitting on different surfaces.  For example, if you weight yourself at home, the gym and at the doctor’s surgery on the same day you will probably get three different results.

One of the most important nutrition lessons is to use one scale and monitor your weight against one scale. The point is to be aware of the fluctuations up and down. Track your weight – perhaps in a diary or a spread sheet – for your eyes only.

Plan Reasonable and Achievable Goals

There is no possible way you can follow and commit to all the food nutrition lessons you've read about – because you’d already be doing them. You won’t lose weight overnight – but that’s okay. A slow and steady approach will help you change habits and create new ones.

The biggest habit you will have to change is to do with your food intake and sticking to a calorie regimented habit. Remember, having less calories is something you will have to stick to for the rest of your life, so you need to develop something which suits your lifestyle. Staring slow, will help you scale back the calories you are currently consuming.

Plan the food you are going to eat and stick to it. Sometimes, things go wrong, like unexpected meetings, or business lunches, celebrations or meeting up with friends. Don’t beat yourself up if you break your planned eating. A top tip is to have a slightly tighter food plan and lower calorie content for at least five days (not too tight or you won’t stick to it) out of seven days in any week.

That way, if anything unexpected crops up, you won’t have totally blown your calorie counting. If nothing goes wrong, and you’ve successfully stuck to your diet – the power to you! And, you can have respite on the two days left because you’ve actually saved extra calories. 

Losing weight and keeping it off is about developing life changes and new long term habits. You can do this! These are just two powerful programs to change your weight for Life:

Remember take one day at a time!

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