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ixty Pounds Or More To Lose

Diets and nutrition health articles suggest the secret to losing weight is to create healthy life long habits, changing your diet and incorporating exercise. But, if you are faced with a goal to lose sixty pounds or more fat – you might just wonder where you should start so you can see results.  

The Mental Game

If you have sixty pounds or more weight to lose then this often suggests that there is a deeper issue which lies beneath the excess weight you are carrying. There could possibly be numerous issues but very often they are psychological.

Nutrition and health articles don’t necessarily explain that very often people who are hiding behind excess weight might be hiding from society for various personal reasons and the excess weight might be helping you avoid something.

Examples of emotional baggage which has been known to get in the way of people wanting to lose weight include abuse, fear of intimacy, chronic low self esteem issues.  If you have sixty pounds or more to lose you should consider seeking professional counselling to help you work through this pain and help you incorporate changes to deal with your life in a healthier manner. There is good news – people have been working through this.

Nutrition Health Articles

Understand Weight Loss Is Possible

If you have tried many different diets and followed plans from nutrition and health articles and because you can’t lose weight - you might believe that there is something wrong with you and you physically can’t lose weight.

The first step is to see a doctor and get a health check up. The second step is to consider using support groups which will hold your hand and give you the support to lose weight. These support groups will help you learn about portion size and will help you reduce the quantity of food you eat. They will also keep educating you about food and help you create new habits.

People In Your Life...

Another thing nutrition health articles don’t really mention is that people who you interact with actually impact your mental state and your weight loss success rate. Remember, committing to large weight loss and keeping the weight off – then something has to change and sometimes it’s the relationships, the circle of friends or the work environment that you’re in.

The influences in your life are so important. Losing weight will require support from the people you see on a daily basis. Consider your friends and your relationships and your social circles. To lose large amounts of weight you will need a large network of supportive people (free and paid services) who won’t sabotage you mentally and who will encourage you to stick to your goals.

You don’t want to always be the driver and battling against friends or family, you will sometimes want and need help to stick to your new healthy eating and exercise routine which it could be supported with nutrition health articles as well.

You will need people around you to pick you up, and drive you. If you didn’t need someone to help you – you probably wouldn’t be overweight now. Weight loss and keeping it off isn’t easy for anyone. Trying to deal with underlying emotional issues can really help you to lose weight.

Also, having the right people in your life is important especially when trying to lose a lot of weight.

Keep people who make you feel good about yourself and who support you very close to you. It will take great mental strength – but YOU will be able to do it!

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