Milk Nutrition Facts - Should You Drink Milk To Lose Weight?

Do you know understand the milk nutrition facts and consequences on your weight and health? The fight against fat causes the assessment of everything with calories, including milk which you've probably never thought to analyze before because you've drunk it since you were a baby.

Milk Nutrition Facts - Should You Drink Milk To Lose Weight?

Drinking milk and whether you’re used to the taste of full cream, semi-skimmed or skim is more of a habit – probably created since childhood or adolescence. Many weight conscious people turn to having semi-skimmed, or zero fat milk.

As obesity is affecting more than 30% of the western population, parents are listening to national dietary advice, and quoting from the National Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia, it recommends “all children in Australia over the age of two years consume reduced-fat milk”.

The general reasoning being milk is filled with saturated fat and children get enough saturated fat from other sources. However, drinking milk whether it is full cream or reduced fat is indisputably healthy, and even full cream can be included in your diet if had in moderation.

The Low Down On Milk

There are many reasons why people should enjoy a glass of milk. Milk nutrition facts prove milk to be a product rich in calcium where diary foods are known to help prevent dental cavities, stroke, kidney stones, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and strokes. Milk contains essential nutrients including calcium (for strong bones and teeth and muscle function).

Carbohydrate (lactose) is found in milk where it fuels the body and helps general growth and vitality. Magnesium is present in a glass of milk which aids energy transfer within the body and assists muscular functions. Phosphorus is another essential nutrient in milk, which is excellent for the release of energy and also is important for strong bones and teeth.

Potassium helps with blood pressure control, muscle and nerve function. Protein is found in milk and is essential for growth and development, healing wounds and helping muscle strength. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is another nutrient present which aids growth and important for healthy eyes and skin.

The vitamin A (retinol) which is also good for healthy eyesight and skin, but also helps the immune system to function properly. Importantly, milk has vitamin B12 which not only helps with the production of red blood cells but also aids brain and nerve functionality. Zinc is another property found in milk which helps with the immune system as well as growth and development.

Milk Nutrition Facts - Should You Drink Milk To Lose Weight?

Which Milk?

There are many different milk products available on the market. Generally, whatever country you may live in there are three types of milk and the milk nutrition facts are as follows:

Full-fat (perhaps the wording should be regular) – this milk contains generally 8-10 grams of fat per glass which is approximately 150 calories depending on the brand

Reduced-fat – this contains 4-5 grams of fat per glass

Low-fat – a glass contains less than one gram per glass.

Losing Weight What Milk Should You Drink?

People on a weight loss program often look at nutrition advice to reduce their calories. The milk nutrition facts show that milk to be exceptionally healthy, but eliminating calories and finding a substitute for full cream milk might be just one item in the equation for a weight loss campaign.

And, people who are calorie conscious and are battling against belly fat – they might be used to eating more so buying food substitutes which are less calorie dense might be the way to help keep track on a regimented diet and keep weight off. However, it’s okay to drink full-cream milk – just in moderation.

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