Why You Should Add Low Fat Pizza to Your Diet

Why You Should Add Low Fat Pizza to Your Diet

It has been said with great frequency that you can't “have your cake and eat it too,” but low fat pizza is a different story. For dieters looking for a way to keep their diets spicy and full of the foods that they love, there is some good news. You can easily fit healthy, low calorie and low fat versions of pizza into your diet.

When it comes to pizza, it is smart too realize that you are the one in control of what goes into your food. Of course, if you go to the neighborhood pizzeria, you have no idea how much fat is in your pizza. That is why it is important to get proactive and seek alternatives. Let's look at how you can have your pizza and eat it too.

Learn to Skip the Fat and Not Even Miss It

The simplest way to have a low fat pizza that is also lower in calories is to start by making your own. This basic step allows you to closely monitor what you put on your pizza. You will know and understand what ingredients are being used. In fact, you can not only count the calories, but also control exactly how much fat is on your pizza.

Go Easy on the Cheese, Please

Using lower fat cheese options and using less cheese is a way to reduce the fat of pizza while still being able to enjoy having one. Pretty easy, right?

Think about it for a moment. Would you rather have a pizza with less cheese or a rice cracker? The choice is pretty simple, isn't it?

Go Easy on the High Fat Toppings

All too pizzas often are littered with high fat options like sausage and pepperoni. Your low fat pizza replaces these high fat, high calorie proteins with leaner choices like turkey, low-fat chicken, turkey bacon and other options.

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Don't Hold Back on the Low-Calorie Veggies

Vegetables are low in calories, but very high in nutrition. Also vegetables will help fill you up so that you feel as though you have had a substantial meal. Mixing lots of vegetables with a moderate amount of low-fat cheese and lean protein choices will allow you to have the pizza you want.

Just pile on nutritious vegetables like green peppers and onions instead of high calorie toppings. In fact, feel free to experiment with a wide variety of healthy toppings like spinach, garlic, red peppers, and pineapple.

The bottom line is that even if you are dieting, low fat pizza can be on the menu. Be open to experimenting. You might just find that you don’t miss all the oil and heavy layers of beef and cheese after all!

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