Is a Low Fat, Low Salt Diet a Good Idea?

A low fat, low salt diet is more complex than it might seem upon first glance. It is important to note that just because a diet is low fat, does not mean that it is also low in sodium.

Is a Low Fat, Low Salt Diet a Good Idea?

This is one common and potentially harmful misconception. Another potentially harmful misconception is that a low fat diet is always the way to go.

The "war against fat" does, in fact, have a dark side. Many fats are not only quite healthy and good for you, but also are necessary for human health. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like walnuts, sardines and wild Alaskan salmon are foods that you should be getting in your diet.

The fat that you need to worry about are the unhealthy fats or trans fats so often found in processed foods and fast foods. These fats are quite literally murder on your body.

Watching the Salt and the Fat in Your Diet

Be careful about going to extreme with your low fat, low salt diet, as you need healthy fats in your diet, and you need a healthy amount of salt as well. Medical studies have shown that too little salt can lead to depression and other medical issues.

The problem is that most Americans consume far, far more salt than they need thanks to fast food and processed food. These unhealthy choices are generally loaded with large amounts of salt and unhealthy trans fats.

Reducing Your Salt Intake

Unfortunately, reducing your salt intake isn't as simple as tossing out your salt shaker! Salt is hiding in very unexpected places such as breads, cookies and a range of other products. This makes eliminating salt more difficult than it seems.

The place to begin is with label reading. No diet guidelines or cookbook can completely replacing effective and consistent label reading. In fact, you will need to become an avid label reader if you want your low fat, low salt diet to be a success.

Diet Plans for Reducing Your Salt and Fat Intake

There are some places where you can begin the process of finding a diet that is low both in fat and sodium, but first you do need to check with your doctor to make sure that such a diet is right for you. Secondly, you need to remember that healthy fat is different from bad fat.

Now that doesn't mean you can consume vast amounts of walnuts, for example, just because they consist of healthy fats. Your caloric intake must also be factored in as well.

A healthy option that was designed to achieve real results is following the Diet Solution Program.

The Respected DASH Diet

Those with hypertension or who have been told to reduce their salt intake will find the DASH option to be good starting point on the quest for a low fat, low salt diet. The DASH Diet, which stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension,” has been called one of the healthiest diet plans available by numerous respected publications. Even the world-renowned Mayo Clinic recommends the DASH Diet.

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