Low Fat Desserts Do Not Need to Be Boring

Low Fat Desserts Do Not Need to Be Boring

When you hear the words, "low fat desserts,” you might automatically assume that you will be eating something that essentially tastes like a mildly sweet, tasteless piece or cardboard.

However, the facts are that there really are options that are low in fat and calories that can be good for you as well. Changing what you think food can be and how you can enjoy it is part of the process.

The good news about healthy desserts is that can eat more of it more frequently and do so without all the guilt. Next we will take a look at what steps you can take to have healthy desserts that are not only tasty, but also fun as well.

Low Fat Doesn't Always Mean Devoid of Flavor and Taste

Low fat desserts do not have to be tasteless and flavorless. There are plenty of ways to get great desserts into your diet that will not expand your waistline.

One great example of how a good dessert can be low calorie and low fat is to look at frozen yogurt which comes in a variety of your favorite flavors including chocolate, mint, strawberry and everything in between.

In a stroke of great news, there are plenty of flavors available and there are many good organic options as well. It is important to opt for organic dairy in order to avoid the growth hormones, overuse of antibiotics, chemicals, artificial flavors and preservatives that are so commonly found in non-organic dairy.

The Delicious Revolution Cookbook contains no less than 20 recipes for healthy and tasty desserts that help you lose fat fast.

Fruit Is Your New Best Buddy!

Fruit is low in calories and most definitely low in fat. Low fat desserts and fruit go hand-in-hand and can make your diet seem a lot less strict.

You can add fruit to your organic frozen yogurt or add fruit to regular organic yogurt as well. The end result is a tasty dessert that will also be quite filling.

Yogurt and Fruit Combo Has Dozens of Possibilities

Just the combination of yogurt and fruit alone offer dozens of tasty combinations. Adding low calorie fruit, both fresh and frozen, to your frozen yogurt or fresh yogurt is an easy way to add variety to your diet and at the same time get a good deal of high-quality protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals.

By staying away from unhealthy, pre-packaged low calorie treat options that are loaded with chemicals and additives, you will be doing your body a lot of good. Instead, go for the good stuff and see your health improve while you drop weight.

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