Low Fat Cookie Recipe - Only The Best

Need a low fat cookie recipe? Everyone loves a good cookie. In fact, cookies are one of the top foods that dieters have trouble giving up when they decide to lose weight.

However, the good news is that if you find good low fat cookie recipes, you can still enjoy these tasty treats while you are dieting. Here's a cookbook full of delicious recipes that help you lose weight.

It’s Time to Start Baking

While there are prepackaged cookies that promise that they are low fat and low calorie, it makes a great deal more sense to bake your own cookies. Through this means, you limit your exposure to chemicals and preservatives that are often added to packaged “healthy” cookies.

Low Fat Cookie Recipe - Only The Best

Also when you make your own diet cookies, you get to experience the wonderful aroma of cookies baking as well as the sensation of a warm cookie melting in your mouth. These perks just can’t be achieved in a cookie that you get from the grocery store.

Beware of the Butter

One of the most fattening ingredients in cookies is the butter. As a result, it is common for low fat cookie recipes to either drastically reduce the amount of butter or substitute something else altogether.

You will also find that some low fat cookies have the addition of applesauce or sweet potato puree. These nutritional ingredients not only lower fat levels, but also provide a healthy dose of vitamins.

When you are following cookie recipes, often you will just need to use egg whites instead of eggs. This is another trick of the trade to keep cookies low fat.

Beans Can Be Great in Cookies!

Beans are sometimes used in the creation of cookies. Sometimes this is either black beans or cannellini beans. While this may sound a little shocking to you at first, the fact is that beans can fit rather nicely into cookies. You likely won’t even taste them. You just need to find the right recipe. In addition to being low in fat, beans also provide a high amount of fiber and vitamins.

Substitutes for Sugar

Another way to succeed in making healthy cookies is to substitute the sugar with agave or splenda. While sugar isn’t necessarily high in fat, it is bad for your diet.

Once you have perfected your diet cookie recipes, you will find that you will get more excited about eating them then you would have initially thought. However, just remember that just because cookies are healthy doesn’t mean that you can eat the whole batch in one sitting!

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