Is There Proof You Can Lose Weight with Herbalife?

Have you asked yourself the question: Should I lose weight with Herbalife?

Herbalife is a seriously big company that has billions (yes billions with a "b") in revenue. But does that mean that they are really able to help people lose weight?

It should be noted that the company has also been the target of numerous investigations and has been the subject of many claims of wrongdoing as well.

That stated, however, Herbalife is still in operation and continues to do business in scores of countries around the world.

A Closer Look

Herbalife has thousands of employees around the world. The company has a multi-level marketing system that employs hundreds of thousands more as "independent Herbalife distributors."

Is There Proof You Can Lose Weight with Herbalife? So should you plan to lose weight with Herbalife? That is, of course, for you to decide. Let’s take a closer look at what Herbalife sells and how they approach the issue of health and weight loss.

Herbalife has a wide array of products that are designed to meet a wide array of needs including skin care and dieting. They have expanded considerably from their earliest days and now a large percent of their products are manufactured in China.

Claims to Date Concerning Herbalife Products

Studies have also been done investigating potential harm caused by Herbalife products. While concerns have been raised and there have been a variety of investigations, Herbalife is still in business and selling products. Additionally, Herbalife is a major sponsor of numerous events in countries around the world.

There have been a variety of claims against the company, including fraud claims, and this should be of interest for those looking to lose weight with Herbalife. Lawsuits have been filed against Herbalife stating that their products, in fact, caused liver damage in users.

Is Herbalife Offering Something Dramatically Different?

The products that Herbalife sells can be found in different forms elsewhere. In short, they do not appear to have any magic formulas. In the end, dieters need to evaluate the facts concerning Herbalife and the claims made against it for themselves and determine if they should use the products.

Educated Decisionmaking is Key

In short, it would be prudent to examine Herbalife's history and its products before making any purchasing decisions about whether or not to try to lose weight with Herbalife. It is important to investigate this company for yourself and decide if you think the products are right for you if you are interested in weight loss and reducing belly fat.

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