Can You Really Lose Weight with Coconut Oil?

Many people want to lose weight with coconut oil and suggest that this is a viable way to drop pounds. There is no real doubt that coconut oil has its health benefits, but can it really help you lose weight?

Let's examine this topic in more detail and the argument in favor of using coconut oil for weight loss.

Coconut oil is high in fat. However, some experts say that this isn't any real issue, as coconut oil will boost your metabolism. The problem is that at this point in time science isn't totally sure if this is true or not.

In short, maybe coconut oil will help with weight loss in some cases and then again maybe it won't. This makes the issue of coconut oil and weight loss a tricky one.

Coconut Oil Appears to Have Numerous Benefits

Proponents of coconut oil believe that it can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. "Lose weight with coconut oil" has become a mantra for some dieters. However, coconut oil may boost human health in other ways as well.

Can You Really Lose Weight with Coconut Oil?

Many believe that coconut oil can improve immune system functionality, help the thyroid stay healthy, and may even be good for the heart.

Thyroid cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers, so you can expect a good deal of research into coconut oil for this reason alone in the coming years.

Strong and Growing Evidence in Support of Coconut Oil

So where do we stand with coconut oil? The evidence that it boosts your immune system is good and growing, as coconut oil has compounds that appear to help in this direction.

But can you lose weight with coconut oil? As it turn out, it is less certain that it can boost one's metabolism and help with weight loss.

Full of Possibility, But Also Full of Calories and Fat Too

Coconut oil is loaded with fat and calories, which means that dieters who use it need to judge for themselves how well it works for them personally. The verdict from the scientific community seems to be missing on this topic right now, but the research is promising and worth keeping an eye on.

Considering its wide range of benefits and potential as a weight loss aid, you can be sure that coconut oil will continue to be on the radar of many dieters now and in coming years.

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