Should You Steer Clear of Lose Weight Pills?

Should You Steer Clear of Lose Weight Pills?

Here's an example of weight loss truth that many dieters don't want to hear; lose weight pills usually do nothing. If they do work, they do very little. Was this tough to hear? It may be, but by eliminating weight loss pills as a dieting option, you will be on the road to losing weight.

Sometimes the truth can hurt. It is important to remember that your goal shouldn't be just losing weight. Instead you need to focus on getting healthy. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and sticking with that lifestyle will, as a byproduct, lead to weight loss. After all, if you are eating healthy food and exercising more, you will lose weight. You may even lose the weight with surprisingly speed and ease!

The Many Different Faces of Weight Loss Pills

A shockingly wide array of ingredients have made their way into pills designed to help people lose weight. These so-called "lose weight pills" generally consist of stimulants in some form or another. Whether it’s caffeine or something stronger, weight loss pills may boost your pulse, but they are unlikely to help you drop any weight.

Now you might be thinking, "but I know someone that dropped weight while on weight loss pills." This is where it gets tricky; such pills can help you lose weight on a very temporary basis. Often the weight loss comes from water, for example. Almost exclusively, the weight lost in this fashion will be regained very quickly.

In short, this type of weight loss isn't permanent. In fact, up and down weight loss could actually make it harder to lose weight in the long run.

Green Tea and Chili Peppers

Some lose weight pills take the approach that they are boosting your metabolism so that your body naturally burns off more calories. There is some truth that green tea extract and chili peppers can slightly boost one's metabolism, but the rate is minor. For most people, these foods will not make enough of an impact. So even these types of pills can only offer trivial benefits at best.

The bottom line is that there is no replacement for reducing your calories, eating healthy food and becoming more physically active. A comprehensive that is offered by, for example, the TruthAboutAbs program. While it may be tempting to experiment with losing weight in this fashion, you should resist this temptation. Instead focus on getting results via ways that have proven to work, such as the consuming the right foods and getting more exercise.

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