A Short List of Weight Loss Programs

When you are seeking to lose weight, you will at some point want to consult a list of weight loss programs. It is important to remember that there are many ways that you can approach achieving your dieting goals.

The main point is to find a weight loss program that encourages permanent weight loss, healthy food choices and a healthy lifestyle. After you take the decision to find a program and take action this very step will increase you focus towards your goal.

List of weight loss programs

Finding a weight loss program that is right for you might be tricky and take some time, but it is quite possible. Again making sure that you select a weight loss program encourages permanent changes. It is key to find a system that can effectively assist you to adopt a new healthy lifestyle. After all, if you can only stick to a weight loss program temporarily, you will likely gain back any weight that you lose.

Weight Watchers

First on our list of weight loss programs is Weight Watchers. There is no doubt Weight Watchers is the “big kid on the block,” as this company has hundreds of facilities around the world. Weight Watchers has been in the weight loss business for a long time and is well respected. Weight Watchers takes an approach that combines periodic weigh-ins, a point system and pre-packaged diet foods.

Diet Solution Program

Designed by Isabel De Los Rios, a certified nutritionist who claims to have helped over 25,000 people worldwide. What makes her program so appealing is the combination of nutrition advice, exercise and education about lifestyle. You can join the Diet Solutions Program instantly.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is a direct competitor to Weight Watchers. In a similar fashion to Weight Watchers, there a variety of diet food to buy. It is possible to buy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks. Jenny Craig encourages people to work directly with counselors. This one-on-one approach works for many dieters who need extra attention and support.


Abdominal exercises and solid nutrition advice, all designed to increase your metabolism and burn fat, go hand in hand in the highly successful TruthAboutAbs program. No need to take fat burner pills or invest in scams, this program does actually work.


Among the giants in weight loss, Nutrisystem is another major contender. Nutrisystem divides its plans between men and women, but also has programs for diabetics as well as seniors. Nutrisystem markets itself as being a cheaper alternative to Jenny Craig. The company also offers diet delivery programs that ship meals to dieter’s front doors.

Burn The Fat

A 7-week program that focuses on healthy foods that burn fat in a relatively short time. There's also a significant part dedicated to exercise. Tom Venuto's ebook that lays out the program is one of the Net's bestselling publications on weight loss and comes with a ton of bonuses.

Our list of weight loss programs includes the biggest players in the weight loss industry, but there are clearly many others. Of course, other weight loss programs cater to those with different preferences and have different weight loss strategies.

Overall, what dieters need to look for in a weight loss program is a company that encourages proper nutrition, proper dietary choices and good long-term results. Ultimately, you want a weight loss plan that will not just help you with your weight loss goals, but will also help you feel better as well.

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