Is Liposuction For Obesity A Cure Or Not?

People often contemplate liposuction for obesity – but when looking at the reasons behind why people are obese it usually leaves the person feeling more disappointed than anything.

Quite simply, very often after the liposuction surgery an obese person will put all the weight back on leaving the person with a health bill which was never going to solve their obesity problem.


The cause of obesity is often caused by life-long habits and the result of a person consuming too many calories without burning them through exercise. However, if you are considering going ahead with large volume liposuction please read on about the risks associated for an obese person.

Liposuction Risks For Obese People

There are severe risks for obese people who are using liposuction for obesity. It is factually dangerous to remove more than 8-10 pounds of fat in a liposuction procedure in a single day. This means whenever there is a large volume liposuction procedure being carried out there are immediate increased risks of surgical complications, quite simply because of the volume of fat which needs to be removed.

Quite controversially there are practitioners that believe there is no limit of fat which can be removed in a liposuction procedure and they believe it is more of a “numbing issue” and a “fluid shift”. Note that these fluid shifts possibly cause cardiac arrest on the person in the procedure when fat is removed from the body.

The risk of cardiac arrest occurs if the body is dehydrated when there is too great a removal of fat. However, these practitioners believe that they can replace the fluids in the body using an infiltration system using a 1:1 fat to fluid ratio. That means, when they remove one pound of fat they inject one pound of fluid.

Expectations After Liposuction

You may have expectations when using liposuction for obesity. But note, liposuction is not a quick fix, and cannot undo the damage that has already been inflicted on a person’s body. The fat removal from the procedure will reduce the person’s size but in the specifically treated area by the procedure. The skin will then retract, but for obese people, if the skin was already severely stretched then it may not retract to an acceptable tightness level for you leaving you with more surgical requirements.

Other Options To Liposuction

Rather than choosing a quick fix solution and using liposuction for obesity, it will more than likely leave you back in the same dress size you were in before the procedure. Consequently, you will set yourself up for failure because most obese people are disappointed after liposuction. For success, why not seek professional help to get through this time.

There is no shame in contacting a support group which can stick by you and will help you battle with obesity. These groups will help you control your food as well as help create a habit to include exercise in your life. A responsible approach is a more long-term approach – which will leave your self esteem intact rather than feeling like a sucker for spending so much money on a procedure that doesn't really work for your epidemic.

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