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Willie Yarbary One Of The Inspirational Weight Loss Stories! What Is Your Story?!

Are you looking for true inspirational weight loss stories? Meet Willie Yarbary! Willie is 6'4" tall and he was over 450 pounds. He was seeking employment overseas around June of 2010. Sadly he was not eligible to be deploy as a result of his weight at that time.

He weighed approximately 470 lbs, however this news did not stop him but instead inspired him to change his life.

How Willie achieved his Weight Loss Goal?

Like many inspirational weight loss stories there is a turning point where the course of life changes. Willie was sent home because he couldn't meet the (BMI) requirements for his job application.

Willie says: “It was a struggle being I quit my job to start the new one. Thank God that I had money saved up in the bank. If it wasn’t for that, I would have lost everything. I was determined to lose that weight, and get that job! I did just that…Only looking forward”.

Willie return back to his home in Augusta, GA and actively pursued a new lifestyle. He began a routine training schedule. He immediately started to see results and eventually began to incorporate weight training into his workout routine.

Willie’s Routine with Food and Exercise?

WillieYarbary After He Decided To Turn His Life Around! He Is One Of The True Inspirational Weight Loss Stories!

From Monday through Saturday he balanced his meals. In the morning he started out with one cup of raisin bran, with 4 oz of low fat milk, then soon after he did 45 minutes to one hour of cardio.

For lunch he had one cup of spinach and half chicken breast with 16 oz of lemon water. He ate dinner before 6:00pm repeating the same meal from lunch. Then he performs round 2 of cardio 45minutes to one hour, light lifting circuit training…Rest on Sunday.

When Willie returned to Houston, TX looking to be hire in the job he wanted. That year alone he had lost 169 lbs and weighed in at 301 lbs. He was now eligible to be deployed. He arrived in country in May and has continued his new healthy and fit lifestyle.

Willie has lost an additional 46 lbs in the two months he’s been in country and has lost an astonishing 215 Lbs since the beginning of his weight loss journey.

Willie's Circle of...

                  Influence and Support…

                                                 ...His Family!

Well my Wife was a great support team of mine. She always believed in me and taught me to believe in myself. Now I’m able to run around with my kids without getting tired, now that’s a wonderful feeling. (WITHOUT STRUGGLE, THERE CAN’T BE VICTORY)”

Willie has become in one inspirational weight loss story and an inspiration to others on the site. He attributes his success to his new diet and workout routine which he shares with anyone who is interested in getting fit. He became a truly “Health and Wellness Star". 

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