Injectable Growth Hormone -
The Disadvantages Of Opting For This Treatment

Once injectable growth hormone was the only way to get HGH. It is common for individuals to be quite nervous at the idea of being repeatedly stuck with a needle, and this does diminish the appeal of using growth hormones in their injectable form.

As a result, many people have instead chosen to opt for the far less frightening pill form of growth hormones. Demand is everything, and now there are some alternatives to the injectable route, including powders and pills.

One popular alternative is a sublingual spray that you place below your tongue. Why sublingual? Sublingual stands as a rapid way for substances to enter the body.

Three Distinct Disadvantages To Injecting HGH

Obviously there are several disadvantages to injecting growth hormone. First, the injectable hormone approach can be extremely expensive. Many people simply can't afford this form of treatment.

The second major issue is one that most people would simply not consider in the form of infection. Frequent shots means that there is a statistically increased risk of infection.

Injectable Growth Hormone - The Disadvantages Of Opting For This Treatment

A third major disadvantage comes in the form of pain. Shots tend to be very painful, even when administered by seasoned professionals. Further, many people have a very serious fear of shots.

HGH Is A Must For Some Individuals

There are many people who need growth hormones desperately. Even the three negative factors outlined above may not serve as sufficient hinderances for these individuals.

For example, for those with chronically low levels of growth hormone, HGH shots are likely necessary to increase muscle mass and bone density. Other problems caused by lack of growth hormones are short stature and issues with reproduction.

Sometimes these bone density issues can lead to osteoporosis. These factors lead many to opt for injectable growth hormone treatments, which have been successful treating these various ailments.

Problems Due To A Lack Of Growth Hormones

  • Lack of size
  • Lack of muscle mass
  • Insufficient bone density
  • Osteoporosis

Injections Versus Pills

HGH injections are more efficient. Some experts believe that HGH pills are not effective in any way. This leads many to conclude that the only sensible route is to opt for an injection.

However, it is important to note that you will need a doctor's prescription to get injectable growth hormone. Everyone who ultimately opts to inject HGH should clearly realize that there are side effects and an array of potentially serious issue.

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