Is Human Growth Hormone Weight Loss Possible?

If human growth hormone weight loss was possible, this would be just another benefit of this anti-aging drug. Some people are already taking powders, injections and pills of HGH hoping that it will be an easy way to lose weight.

Considering the number of people who are currently overweight or obese and the fact that these statistics are on the rise, it is not surprising that people are turning to HGH to lose weight.

However, HGH isn’t like other weight loss strategies, approaches or fads. The reason is that human growth hormones can cause serious and permanent damage to the body, as it can alter and change a person's hormone balance.

All the impact from taking these hormones can be permanent in nature. While an all grapefruit diet may not be good for you, the long term harm from such a diet can usually be reversed quickly with a return to a healthy diet.

On the other hand, the human growth hormone weight loss approach can have very serious consequences.

Is Human Growth Hormone Weight Loss Possible?

HGH And Its Current Uses

While some studies have shown that those who take human growth hormones have achieved positive results, it is important to note that these results were very minor in nature. In other words, subjects only lost a few pounds.

Also while the FDA has approved HGH for those with a medical lack of the hormones in their body, human growth hormone weight loss has not been approved.

However, it has been approved for those with a deficiency that comes from pituitary disease. For these individuals, taking human growth hormone can successfully can increase muscle mass and decrease fat storage. This is, of course, a very important distinction and one that should not be overlooked.

Studies Highlighting HGH And Weight Loss

In 1990s there was a study that published results in the New England Journal of Medicine. This study showed that those who took injections of synthetic HGH ended up losing 14% of body fat. Those using this approach did not diet or exercise to get these results.

This research, of course, did fuel the desire by many to use HGH as a means for losing weight. However, in 2003 the journal did a follow up on this study and mentioned that these results had been misused and that more on the topic of growth hormone weight loss and related topics was necessary.

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