Controversial Human Growth Hormone Studies

Due to the popularity of HGH, there has been a surge of interest in human growth hormone studies. Yet, to date, there is still only a limited number of research that has been completed. Part of the reason for this fact is that it is a relative new phenomenon that individuals take human growth hormones for anti-aging purposes.

People who take HGH are hoping for more muscle mass, and increased bone density. Studies that have been conducted show that while people will gain more muscle mass, they won't necessarily have more strength.

In some cases, people who have spent thousands of dollars on HGH injections have been disappointed to learn that they won't be significantly stronger.

Controversial Human Growth Hormone Studies

Another conclusion of various growth hormone studies is that there are other risks and issues as well including carpal tunnel, swelling of body parts, and joint and muscle pain.

The issue of swelling is one worth noting, as where there is swelling there is inflammation. Of course, inflammation is a mechanism connected to many diseases such as cancer.

Other HGH studies have concluded that it is more likely that older people will experience these side effects. Therefore, HGH that is given to children teens to assist them with short stature issues is less likely to cause a problem.

The HGH Studies Of Dr. Rudman

Dr. Rudman performed one of the clinical human growth hormone studies, and his findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Rudman used synthetically manufactured HGH and injected it into volunteers age 61-81.

According to Rudman's results, the aging process was reversed in the group that received injections. However, this study did stress that more research was necessary to draw any conclusions.

A Contrary View Of HGH From Hau Liu At Stanford University

However other researchers have found contradictory information to that sited by Dr. Rudman in his studies. For example, a research fellow in endocrinology and health policy at Stanford University concluded was that there was no benefit to growth hormones used for anti-aging purposes.

Hau Liu is quoted in Scientific American as saying, "This costs hundreds to thousands of dollars a month and there is no scientific evidence supporting it and very real, potentially serious side effects." Liu’s human growth hormone studies were conducted on healthy senior citizens. Additionally, he found that increases in muscle mass were very minor. Further, his study showed no other benefits like bone density or longevity.

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