Should You Take Human Growth Hormone Pills?

Human growth hormone pills may be an option for you if you want to avoid shots which are one of the least attractive parts of taking human growth hormone. If the idea of taking routine shots is less than pleasing and leaves you feeling, well, a bit frightened, then the option of taking pills might be a welcome relief!

These pills are sometimes called “human growth hormone releasers,” which can serve to cause a degree of confusion, but rest assured that human growth hormone releasers are essentially pills. Homeopathy is also a third option for those considering taking human growth hormones.

You might not be familiar with homeopathy, but to be sure it is gaining in popularity as more and more people are exploring this option. But there are both pros and cons to opting for homeopathy in general.

Human Growth Hormone Pills - Should You Take Them?

While you can easily find these pills for sale, they are much less likely to work effectually especially when compared to human growth hormone pills.

What Motivates People To Opt For Growth Hormone Pills?

Why are people looking to take pills to boost their human growth hormone levels? There is a range of reasons that people look to take these hormone pills.

Quite often those who want to take these pills are hoping that they will be the “magic fix” that allows their wrinkles to disappear and their skin to be more youthful. Also they hope their bones get stronger and they will become more sexually virile. With these motivations taken into consideration, it is no real surprise that hormone pills are finding a receptive audience!

Do These Pills Work?

It should be noted that there are real issues with the effectiveness of human growth hormone pills. According to the Physician's Desk Reference, when a pill is taken orally, only 10% gets into the bloodstream. Some argue that these pills will not work at all due to the way the body breaks down the androgens.

Evidence To Date

So what is the evidence do date as to the effectiveness of the hormone pill option? According to the Mayo Clinic, there is no proof that hormone pills designed to boost human growth hormones will work.

Further, there is also no evidence that the homeopathy route works either. One way of boosting one’s human growth hormone levels, however, is exercise and resistance training.

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