Human Growth Hormone Dangers

Unfortunately there are various human growth hormone dangers to consider while many people are attracted to the anti-aging promises of growth hormones. There is no doubt it would be nice if there was a magic pill that enabled the affects of aging to be reversed or kept at bay, but for the time being this pill doesn’t yet exist.

Eating high-quality, nutritious food that is full of vitamins and minerals and missing harmful chemicals and preservatives is a good step in the direction of staying young. Likewise, keeping your weight under control and working out have been shown to slow the aging process and delay or even halt the development of many diseases.

The Downside Of HGH

The most predominant danger from human growth hormones is that some studies show that these hormones can contribute to diabetes and heart disease.

Human growth hormone dangers don’t end there, as these powerful hormones have also been shown to cause low blood pressure and cardiac issues. Other noteworthy issues include arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Human Growth Hormone Dangers

The use of growth hormones can also cause body swelling like edema. In the most blunt of terms, growth hormones are not a miracle cure, but instead need to be used for the right reasons and under doctor supervision and approval. Failure to understand the potential power of growth hormones can come with significant health consequences.

Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone

Often people take a homeopathic version of human growth hormone instead of the injection. This is a much safer choice. While the effects from homeopathy may surface more slowly, it is also less expensive.

Those interested in taking an alternative approach to the growth hormone issue due to human growth hormone dangers will no doubt find this to be interesting and likely want to explore this option in more detail.

HGH And Height Issues

What are some of the best reasons that individuals opt for human growth hormone treatments? Quite often teens that have a naturally occurring deficiency in human growth hormone get HGH injections. However, there could be long term damage from doing this, so this option shouldn’t be taken lightly.

One study showed that those who took HGH were six times more likely to get type 2 diabetes. Thus, before you consider using HGH injections please keep in mind that the long-term risks may still be largely unknown and unclear.

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