Health Nutrition Tips – How To Turn Overweight Frustration Into Results

Need health nutrition tips? Has your diet left you broken and depressed again? Try these three health nutrition tips which will help you take back control of your life and create your own life long habits rather than following a regimented diet plan which has been designed by someone else and may not suit your lifestyle.

Take control of your life and your weight with these simple tips which will help you lose weight and keep the weight off.

Tip One: Write Your Own Goals

Sticking to any prescribed diet plan takes a fair amount of self-discipline – so why not create your own plan of attack rather than following someone else’s recipe to success?

These health nutrition tips are vitally important for those who are seduced by “wonder diets” which promise to shed kilograms very quickly.

Very often once people come off their wonder diets and sadly put all their weight back and even more weight than they were before. The reason for the weight gain after a diet is because a regimented diet doesn’t help you learn about food or create habits. Most people know exactly what to do to lose weight and ultimately weight loss includes reducing calories and adding a fair amount of exercise.

When setting up your own diet plan put in realistic targets. The reason for doing this is if you don’t meet your targets you’ll feel emotionally worse for trying to lose weight. Don’t set yourself up for failure – include a buffer for when things go wrong so you can still achieve your goals.

Tip Two: Analyze Your Food

If you're overweight you probably love food – large portions or eating the wrong foods. One of the most efficient health nutrition tips is to start writing down what you eat and the quantity of food. Examine the results to see what small changes you can make.

If you cook a lot at home write down how many helpings of breakfast, lunch or dinner you might usually eat. Then to tackle your food issue whether it is portion size or the wrong food – don’t do anything differently.

Eat the exact number of plates or bowls but buy yourself a new dinner set – but ensure that each bowl, plate and dish is considerably smaller than what you already have. This will help you reduce your portion size first without changing ingrained habits (like going for seconds).

Tip Three: Take Baby Steps to Reach 10,000 Steps

To lose weight and for general health you probably already know that you need to undertake exercise. If you're not a fan of exercise or self-exertion then consider ways of incorporating more physical activity into your daily routine which don't seem too difficult to achieve.

But, as a first step it’s a good idea to get an indication of how much exercise you already do in your life. One of the easiest and cheapest health nutrition tips is to get a pedometer. Extensive Japanese research on weight loss showed walking at least ten thousand steps (ten thousand being the ‘magical’ number) helped people maintain a healthy weight and for the inactive this number would promote weight loss.

Regardless, using a pedometer will help you realise how much exercise you already do. Whether you do 3,000 steps or 1,000 steps at least you are aware and can develop a strategy to incorporate small changes into your life.

By continually using a pedometer you can the increase of these small changes into your daily steps. Examples of small changes to incorporate exercise are: walking to the corner shop, walking around the block in your lunch break or climbing the stairs rather than taking the elevator.

Ultimately, a short stint of deprivation by following a diet plan and won’t lead to long-term success. Try these tips to gain control of your life and help lose belly fat and lose weight and keep it off!  

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