Health Nutrition Supplements - Are Weight Loss Pills The Answer?

Do weight loss health nutrition supplements really work when trying to remove that excess layer of belly fat? Seeing weight loss pills featured on television commercials and advertised on the radio – it does make you consider whether there is a wonder drug that could possibly help you reduce your belly fat.

However, unbiased studies show that weight loss pills are not the answer to losing weight.

What Are Weight Loss Supplements?

Weight loss health nutrition supplements usually come in the form of pills, capsules or tablets. Scientifically, these pills are called thermogenic aids and their composition is specifically designed to help raise a person’s metabolism or decrease their hunger. Generally, for weight loss supplements to be effective they are supposed to be pared with exercise and a chance in food habits.

Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

There have been many different studies which examine whether weight loss health nutrition supplements help individuals lose weight. However, most of these studies have been undertaken by the companies who make the supplements themselves (which may indicate that the research is a little biased).

The studies compare a group taking the weight loss pills against those who took a placebo tablet. These studies found the test group taking the pills increased their resting energy by about 6% than those who were taking the placebo pill.

Are Weight Loss Pills Dangerous?

There are many studies undertaken by the FDA on weight loss health nutrition supplements which suggest that these pills are unsafe – many brands of pills are banned and deemed as dangerous.

The studies undertaken by the FDA are unbiased clinical studies and have found huge risks associated with taking weight loss pills because they increase a person’s heart rate and blood pressure.

Weight loss pills increase dizziness, headaches, heart attacks, strokes and have even been found to cause seizures.

Both studies, those taken by the drug companies and those undertaken by the FDA generally indicate that weight loss health nutrition supplements are effective for those who are already exercising regularly, have a healthy diet and are designed to help trim back a small amount of weight (approximately 1% of a person’s body mass).   

These supplements are supposed to be combined with exercise and the effect of the 6% increased energy burning only lasts a few hours after exercise. But, for those people who don’t do any exercise but take the weight loss pills then the effect is a little different.

For those taking weight loss pills and they don’t exercise, it would take at least 35 consecutive days to lose only one gram of fat (which is a miniscule result when you consider the health risks associated with the pills).

Bare in mind that if a person does exercise a few days in a row and doesn’t take any weight loss pills they can usually shed one gram of fat (the same amount from thirty five days on the pills) within just a few days.

If you’re struggling to lose weight and want to lose 10-20% of your body mass then weight loss pills probably aren’t going to be your magical answer.

They won’t give you the desired results and help you shed weight quickly. However, if you start changing your exercise habits, you’ll probably see results much faster – and this is seems to be a tried and tested habit from many people around the world.  

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