Avoiding Growth Hormones In Food Like Milk And Cheese

You may be surprised to learn that there are indeed growth hormones in food. This is not some sort of myth or misconception. The use of growth hormones is not only occurring, but is very widespread.

It may be tempting to believe that this situation in no way impacts you or your health. However, the fact is that it likely does make a difference.

Avoiding Growth Hormones In Food Like Milk And Cheese

Growth hormones are powerful, and they are increasingly evident in the food chain. Let’s take a look at growth hormones and particularly how they have made their way into foods that you likely eat every day like milk and cheese.

Growth Hormones And Dairy Cows

The use of growth hormones, specifically in livestock, is legal and happens with tremendous frequency. Why are growth hormones in food appearing in this fashion?

Growth hormones are used to make dairy cows produce larger and larger volumes of milk, thus increasing profits per animal. If you consume any form of milk-based products derived from cows, then the odds are quite good that you are also getting a little growth hormone along with your milk.

The Benefits Of Organic Milk

So what should you do in order to avoid the issue of growth hormones in your food? The first option is to avoid consuming dairy. However, this is not an option for the vast majority of people who have been raised on a diet rich in milk and cheese.

The second option is to select organic milk products. Organic milk, by its very definition, is milk that is free of growth hormones and other potentially problematic compounds, such as pesticides.

Unfortunately, growth hormones in food are a reality. Since milk comes from a living creature, all of the factors that could impact that creature’s health must be taken into consideration including what kind of feed the animal was given, what kind of shots the animal was given and what kind of pesticides or chemicals the animal was exposed to during its lifetime.

Thanks to organic dairy options, you don't have to have growth hormone added to your diet. Likewise, choosing to skip dairy altogether may be an option for many. There are a variety of substitutions for milk that are readily available including soy milk, coconut milk and rice milk. It is key to understand that there are other options available.

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