General Nutrition Store - Should You Include Whey Powder in Your Health Regime?

There are new fad diets which suggest whey powder. A general nutrition store will have huge containers of it out the front and it’s very popular and become a craze. Whey powder is said to be packed pull of protein and a great supplement for muscle building.

But what is it? Do you need it? Do you really want to start adding it into your cereal, or shakes or smoothies?

What is Whey Powder?

Whey powder is a by-product from cheese, it’s often used as a nutritional supplement because it’s packed full of protein and lactose. The powder is white and if you put a teaspoon in your glass then it will look like you’re having a glass of milk.

It’s not extremely delicious on its own, that’s why it’s often mixed in with other foods. Look on the pack of products in your general nutrition store and very often bars, or snack foods might include whey.

Why Use Whey Powder?

If you’re just starting an exercise regime then whey powder is often suggested to help people to recover after exercising. There is extensive research about the benefits of whey protein powder for people who are trying to build muscles.

But, in Western Cultures most people already meet the national recommended daily allowance for protein – so taking whey powder isn’t really necessary to use it for protein deficiency.

If You Don’t Take Whey Powder Where do You Get Protein From?

Even if your new diet plan suggests that you take whey powder, remember there have been many people who have built lean physiques without even hearing about whey powder. Vegetarians have always had the issue of finding protein from other sources and they often find it in soy products or nuts.

Protein is also found in dairy, eggs, fish and of course meat. There are so many natural sources of protein that you may not need whey powder. So, if you have a balanced diet it might be possible to skip the step of going to your general nutrition store and spend your hard earned money at the supermarket on fresh produce instead?

Unless you are an athlete or involved in heavy weight training – you probably have normal protein requirements. Most people already eat enough protein. Although whey has many benefits, a balanced diet probably would be sufficient for anyone starting a weight loss regime. Most fad diets aren’t sustainable, so be wary of following them.

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