Fruit Juice Nutrition - Is Your Juice Habit Making You Fat?

Fruit juice nutrition information maintains juices as a healthy source of nutrition. However, if you’re trying to lose belly fat, yet still stuck drinking fruit juice you might be undoing all your hard work.

The juice itself might be the very sources of your extra weight – what can you do about it?

Fruit Juice Creates Flab – The Facts on Calorie Content

People have been drinking juice for centuries and there are undoubtedly fruit juice nutrition benefits. But, if you’re fighting against the battle of the bulge then a glass of orange juice (around 250 ml which is smaller than a can of soft drink) has the same amount of calories as 2-3 oranges.

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s okay to drink one glass of juice on the weekend. But, it shouldn't be drunk regularly, if you’re going to maintain a healthy weight. After eating one orange you’d probably feel much more satisfied, and you’d probably only eat one orange rather than consume the calories for three!

Fruit Juice Nutrition - Is Your Juice Habit Making You Fat?

Tips: How to Cut Down on Your Juice Habit

If life just seems sweeter to you with fruit juice and you can’t cope without a glass of juice with your breakfast, lunch or dinner then there are a few things you can do to reduce your daily calories – which will you help lose weight. Tips are below:

  1. Avoid nasty tetra cartons as they’re usually high in sugar. Check the back of bottles and select freshly squeezed product. Ensure the label explains the contents and read the fruit juice nutrition information carefully.
  2. Juice fruits at home. A healthier option than store bought juices. Blending your own fruit, you will cut down on added sugar, and see how much you actually are “eating” in each glass.
  3. Dilute your fruit juice in-take by halving each glass of juice with water. This method won’t leave you feel like you’re depriving yourself and will instantly reduce the calories you consume (as long as you don’t increase the number of glasses you have).
  4. Juice raw fruits (example, blend or juice a slice of pineapple) and freeze the juice in ice cube trays. Pop only one ice cube into a glass of water each time you want a glass of fruit juice.
Fruit Juice Nutrition

You've Cut Down to Zero Juice – What Are Fruit Juice Substitutes?

Congratulations and you've cut down or cut out your juice habit and you’re successfully attacking the fight against belly fat. Although there are fruit juice nutrition benefits the best thing for weight loss is to drink water. Health experts proclaim a person is supposed to drink at least eight cups of water per day. Put a liter bottle of water on your desk and see how you go.

If you prefer flavor in a drink, have the water with one slice of lime or lemon. Or, try having a peppermint or herbal tea – one without any calories. If you used to have fruit juice with alcohol, try drinking club soda (mineral water) which has zero calories with fresh lime – this means you will only be having the calories in the alcohol rather than in both the alcohol and the juice. Small changes to your diet will lead to large successes! You can lose the belly fat!

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