Fruit And Vegetable Nutrition – Can They Replace Supplements To Lose Weight?

Fruit And Vegetable Nutrition –  Can They Replace Supplements To Lose Weight?

Supplements and diet pills will not replace fruit and vegetable nutrition or give you the regular health benefits like fresh produce. Remember the name ‘supplements’ tells us that these tablets act as they are designed.

The Taste of A Pill

Even if you take supplements to replace fruit and vegetables, they will always taste like tablets and they can never have the same social aspect as real food. A pill can’t compete with biting into an apple. A tablet won’t ever be the same as crunching a celery or carrot in a stir-fry. Nor will swallowing a pill feel like sucking the sweetness from the seed of a mango. Often the very reason why people need to lose weight is because they eat too much because you are joined socially and people share experiences and very often - food.

Fruit And Vegetable Nutrition –  Can They Replace Supplements To Lose Weight?

The Benefits of Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetable nutrition is widely acknowledged because the compounds found in them are in perfect combination for the body, providing the cells the right proportions – and are not poorly designed like many supplements. If you’re trying to cut calories in your diet then try looking at other areas of your diet. Processed foods are usually much higher in fat and calories than fruit and vegetables. If you’re trying to lose weight – reconsider your diet plan and don’t cut fruit and vegetables.

So You Eat Supplements …What’s Wrong With That?

Eating supplements will not be the answer or alternative to fruits and vegetables. Nor will supplements be sufficient to provide nutritional benefits to a person while they eat processed and junk food on a daily basis. A balanced diet is needed with moderate exercise, and this is the foundation to losing weight, reducing belly fat or any life-long and healthy diet.

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