Food Nutrition Facts Behind The Food You Eat - Confused About Carbohydrates?

Do you understand the food nutrition facts behind the food you eat? How carbohydrates in the food can influence your weight loss effort? There’s a lot of confusing information about whether we should eat carbohydrates or not.

Food Nutrition Facts Behind The Food You Eat - Confused About Carbohydrates?

The carbohydrate food nutrition label show gram for gram carbohydrates often contains fewer calories than fat than protein and alcohol. Then why do people say carbohydrates make them fat?


1 gram carbohydrate = 3.75 calories

1 gram protein = 4 calories

1 gram alcohol = 7 calories

But, with all the hype and publicity that we shouldn't eat carbohydrates – why are carbs are friends or foes? Which carbohydrates cause belly fat?

Why Carbs?

There are many fad diets or weight loss plans which do cast a negative spin on carbohydrates. They often have the same message “carbohydrates are bad” and to lose weight a person should limit or eliminate them. But, is this good for the human body?

Food nutrition facts show that carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy. The body converts carbohydrates easier than fats or protein, and the carbohydrate converts into glucose which then is transported around the body – giving the body energy.

Taking this a step further, carbohydrates impact a person’s sugar levels, and therefore a person’s overall mood – if they have too many a person can be irritated and tired.

If you are trying to lose weight and having difficulties as you are hungry from starting an exercise routine, consider changing the level of carbohydrates and proteins you eat but don’t consume more calories.

Which Carbs?

Food nutrition facts tell us that there are two different types of carbohydrates: complex and simple where both can be natural or refined/processed. The difference on the body is to do with ‘energy’ of when the carbohydrate is released into the blood stream.

A complex carbohydrate refers to the starch in the food. For example, complex carbohydrates include chickpeas, bananas, brown rice, whole meal breads, corn, lentils and nuts. Where as simple carbohydrates are considered as sugars. Examples of simple natural carbohydrates include fruit or vegetables.

Where as examples of refined simple carbohydrates include jellies, honey, chocolate, pastries, biscuits etc. Typically, complex carbohydrates are said to provide slower release energy than simple carbohydrates.

And, carbohydrates (think of unprocessed fruit and vegetable products) in their natural form have for centuries contributed to world-wide long-term health. But, for losing weight – these types of carbohydrates help a person control their appetite and sustain their overall energy.

Food Nutrition Facts Behind The Food You Eat - Confused About Carbohydrates?

Choose the Right Carbohydrate and Lose Belly Fat

Health experts of food nutrition facts insist half a person’s energy needs should come from carbohydrates, with at least one third of a person’s intake being complex (starchy) carbohydrates.

To lose belly fat remember the calorie equation (you lose weight by working off more calories than you consume) and this applies to everything (including carbohydrates) which goes through your mouth. To lose weight, and if you like eating, it helps to pick foods which sustain your energy levels.

You can do this by choosing better carbohydrates – the slow release carbs. A general rule, consider anything which grows from a tree or bush as the better carbohydrate. The second rule is, the less processed and refined the better i.e. choose eating fruit and vegetables and beans first!

However, if you find eating vegetables and fruit impossible, read the labels when selecting food. Try to avoid refined carbohydrates such as breads, pastas, pastries and sodas. Select cereals with low amounts of sugars. Good luck!

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